Summer Salads

Whether you like to load your summer salads with nothing but veggies, a mix of fruits and veggies, or pile it high with protein, we have a summer salad recipe for every occasion. We've even got pasta salad recipes for all your summer potluck gatherings.

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Horiatiki (Greek Village Salad)
Easily turn this fresh salad into a main dish by adding your favorite protein.
Tomato Salad with Guajillo Chile Dressing
This vibrant salad inspired by the colors of the Mexican flag features a tantalizing blend of garlic, guajillo pepper, cilantro, and onion atop a bed of tomatoes.
Fresh Macaroni Salad
Lighten up classic pasta salad by opting for multigrain pasta, oodles of veggies and a low-calorie homemade yogurt dressing.
Thai-Inspired Beef and Cucumber Salad
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Top this beef and veggie salad with fresh mint and, for heat-lovers, serrano pepper rings.
Zucchini, Summer Squash and Chicken Salad
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Cousa squash is a tender summer squash that looks like a short, fat zucchini with pale green skin. It has a slightly sweeter flavor than zucchini. If you can't find it, simply omit or increase the amount of zucchini or yellow squash, if you like.
Cast Iron Fried Green Tomatoes
This southern classic is a perfect fit for your cast iron skillet.

More Summer Salads

The Surprising Ingredient Your Salad Has Been Missing
Grilled watermelon takes on a smoky, tomato-like flavor that will give your salad a tasty twist. It pairs perfectly with peppery greens and nutty cheeses for a salty, sweet combo that will totally change up your go-to salad recipe!
Heirloom Tomato and Green Bean Salad
Why choose between a caprese salad, pasta, or a bean salad when you can have all three in one easy, breezy, 30-minute package?
Black-Eyed Pea & Quinoa Salad
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Try this chilled bean and quinoa salad as a side dish for tacos or grilled chicken or steak.