Low-Carb Salads and Sides

Fruits and veggies are a terrific way to add freshness and variety to low-carb meals.

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    Warm Fajita Salad

    Using minimal cooking oil to stir-fry the meat and vegetables makes this easy meal-in-a-bowl healthful.

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    Roasted Vegetable Medley

    Try this simple recipe when you have an abundance of veggies from your garden or from a recent trip to the farmers' market. Not only does the balsamic vinegar add a unique flavor, it glazes this colorful mixture too.

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    Spring Asparagus Slaw

    If you're not familiar with radicchio, the leaves have a bitter and peppery taste when eaten alone, but small amounts add a nice flavor and color accent to tossed green salads.

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    Salmon Pinwheel Salad

    Diners will marvel at these charming pinwheels -- they look like they require more effort than they actually do.

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    Summer Fruit with Sesame Dressing

    A simple three-ingredient dressing livens up a bowl of fresh fruit. We used nectarines, papaya, strawberries, and raspberries, but feel free to create your own fruit combination.

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