Green Salad

Here's a way to go green at dinner: Enjoy a toss-together plate of leafy greens, fresh salad dressing, and vegetables and fruits in a green salad everyone can agree on.

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Balsamic-Dried Cherry Salad Toss

Keep this delicious salad vegan-friendly by swapping the honey for maple syrup or agave.

Breakfast Salad with Avocado and Eggs

With a gorgeous poached egg on top, we're all about the breakfast salad idea. For an extra boost of protein, top your salad with bacon or crisped prosciutto.

Warm Caramelized Acorn Squash and Onion Salad

Add easy fall flavors to any meal by making this quick acorn squash salad. The squash and onions are roasted before being served on a bed of greens, so they'll have a delicious, caramelized taste.

Radicchio and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Eat the rainbow in this vegetable salad that is centered around roasted butternut squash. Try pairing it with your favorite steak or pork entree.

Lemon-Roasted Tuna and Asparagus

One sheet pan equals one delicious dinner. Roast tuna and asparagus together on the same pan with lemon juice and zest to make this mouthwatering meal.

Greek Spinach - Tortellini Salad

This is a fantastic recipe with great flavors, thanks to the fresh lemon and aromatic herbs. You'll love this quick and easy Greek salad.

More Green Salad

Whole-Leaf Endive Salad

The key to this salad is using the inner leaves of a head of lettuce.