Fruit Salad

Enjoy your favorite fruits in a fresh fruit salad. We share fruit salad dressings, green salads featuring fruit, and the tastiest fruit combinations so you can make a fruity side dish to star alongside your next meal.

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Berry-Yogurt Rocket Pops

Berries and Greek yogurt team up in these striped parfait treats--a creamy twist on the beloved Bomb Pop.

Chile-Mango Pops

Ground ancho pepper adds smoky heat to mango (one of our favorite fruits for freezer pops). Lime juice adds a hint of tartness.

Meyer Lemon Glaze

As a cross between lemons and mandarin oranges, Meyer lemons are sweeter than usual lemons resulting in one amazing dessert icing. Our Meyer lemon glaze recipe requires just two ingredients, and if you can't find Meyer lemons (they're usually only available in the winter), regular lemons will do nicely.

Lime Sugar Bars

These fabulous cookie bars are perfectly sweet and tangy in every bite.

Pink Grapefruit Sandies

Choose fresh grapefruit labeled pink or red, such as Texas red for these delightfully sweet-tart cookies.

Margarita Shortbread Cookies

Enjoy your favorite happy hour cocktail in cookie form! The buttery shortbread dough features lime zest and tequila. The icing is spiked with booze, too!

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El Diablo Cocktail

This bubbly tequila cocktail has sweet-tart notes of black raspberry and lime. It's the perfect refreshing beverage for any time of the year, but will add a festive look to your holiday spread.

Raspberry Marble Shortbread Cookies

No, you're eyes aren't playing tricks; this shortbread cookie recipe requires just four ingredients! One of those ingredients is freeze-dried raspberries to make a pretty shortbread cookie like none you've had before.

Bananas Foster Crisp

Baking these crisps in shallow au gratin dishes means more of the banana browns and caramelizes. If you don't have au gratin minis, use a deep dish pie plate instead.