In this collection of salads, don't expect boring greens with the same old dressing. These salad recipes include pasta salad and potato salad, as well as garden-fresh veggie-based salads topped with chicken, beef, beans, and other protein sources for hearty main-dish salads. A leafy green salad starring seasonal ingredients makes a perfect light and refreshing meal. In summer months, feast on our fresh tomato salads loaded with bold flavors, such as cheeses, herbs, and vinegars. For a potluck dish that shines, turn to any of our tasty pasta salad recipes. For a simple toss-together meal, make one of our yummy chicken salads. Chicken breast is a supper staple, and we've added it to fruit-, veggie-, and grain-based salads so you can eat lots of food groups at once. Salad is also great to take with you for lunch at work or other away-from-home activities. Watch our video tutorial to learn helpful ways to take a healthy and filling salad with you, wherever you need to go.

Three-Bean Salad with Tahini-Lime Dressing

This fresh salad is a summer-focused refresh of bean salad. It travels well and tastes best made ahead.
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Beef Kabobs with Corn and Orzo Salad

No side dishes required in this all-in-one main-dish salad. Protein, veggies, and grains are all accounted for.
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Asparagus Salad with Marinated Peas and Little Gem Lettuce

Right before serving, top this fresh spring salad with a poached egg to up the protein enough to make it a meal.
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Thai Shrimp and Cucumber Lettuce Wraps with Rice

The use of shrimp and rice means these lettuce wraps are much heartier than typical appetizer lettuce wraps. With 26 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving they land squarely in main-dish territory.
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Curry Chicken Salad with Couscous

If you like spice, you're gonna love the Madras curry powder used in this chicken dinner. If you prefer to keep the heat to a minimum, use the standard curry powder you're more familiar with.
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Citrus-Cucumber Slaw with Pickled Shallots

The flavor of sweet-tart verjus hits somewhere between vinegar and wine. Much like wine, verjus is available in both red and white varietals and is likely stocked near the other gourmet vinegars at your grocery store.
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More Salads

Fast and Healthier Potato Salad Recipes

Go beyond the typical mayo-loaded lineup and freshen your potato salad recipe routine with these lightened-up ideas. From vegetable-enriched side dishes to full-on entrees featuring shrimp, sausage, and more, all of these potato salads call for less than an hour of prep time.
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Pasta Salad: 23 Recipes to Try

For your next potluck or picnic, make a delicious and easy pasta salad. With so many varieties—Italian pasta salad, chicken pasta salad, and other party-ready recipes—there's no need to rely on the same recipe every time. Switch it up with our pasta salads featuring fresh veggies and flavorful herbs.
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Grain Salad with Greens, Cherries, and Crispy Bacon

As soon as you see sweet cherries available in your local supermarket, snag a bag to make this farro grain salad. Their sweetness is balanced by salty-smoky bacon and pungent blue cheese.