The Ultimate Menu for TV Night

Whether it's time for sweeps or a season premiere, prime-time television provides the perfect occasion for a no-fuss dinner party.

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    The Menu

    Gather your friends and dish out these fun finger foods for a laid-back night in front of the TV.

    -- Beer and Cheese Fondue
    -- Sweet and Sassy Meatballs
    -- Roasted Veggie Pitas
    -- Petite Fruit Tarts

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    Beer & Cheddar Fondue

    Warm, cheesy fondue makes your dinner interactive with assorted dippers like bread cubes, soft pretzels, or red sweet pepper pieces. The next three slides show tips for mastering the art of fondue.

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    Step 1: Coat with Garlic

    First, cut a garlic clove in half and rub its cut sides all over the inside of the fondue pot. The next slide shows the benefits of adding cornstarch.

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    Step 2: Add Cornstarch

    Cornstarch keeps the cheese and liquid from separating as the fondue sits. Add cornstarch mixture all at once, stirring as you pour. Next, we show you the final step in preparing this fondue recipe.

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    Step 3: Heat Fondue Pot

    Finally, place the finished fondue over the fondue burner. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to use the burner for your fondue pot.

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    Sweet and Sassy Meatballs

    Made with only three ingredients, this classic party snack packs addicting flavors into an easy-to-make skillet and slow-cooker recipe.

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    Roasted Veggie Pitas

    Sandwiches served in pita pockets make perfect sense for a TV night -- no plate required. Don't miss our Avocado Veggie Sandwiches version included in the Roasted Veggie Pita recipe. The next four slides show how to prepare avocados for this yummy variation of the Roasted Veggie Pitas recipe.

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    Step 1: Prepping an Avocado

    The first step in preparing an avocado for use in a recipe like Avocado Veggie Sandwiches is rinsing the avocado under cool tap water. Use a knife to make a lengthwise cut around the seed, cutting through the fruit and skin. The next slide shows how to separate two avocado halves.

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    Step 2: Separate Avocado

    After rinsing and slitting the avocado like in Step 1 (previous slide), holding the avocado in your hands, gently twist the two halves in opposite directions to separate them. The next slide shows how to quarter an avocado.

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    Step 3: Quartering Avocado

    Remove the seed by whacking the pit with the blade of the knife in a swift, hard motion; twist and pull to remove it. Next, on a cutting surface, cut each half in half again and peel away the skin from each of the quarters using your fingers or a small knife. Now you're ready to proceed with the Avocado Veggie Sandwich directions as included in the Roasted Veggie Pitas recipe.

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    Petite Fruit Tarts

    Sharing may be good manners, but be honest: What's better than your very own dessert? Serve these little beauties warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. You'll be the star of the party.

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    Anyone Can Cook

    Anyone Can Cook is an innovative cookbook that encourages those new to the kitchen to make simple yet tasty meals, while providing the tools to move on to more complex recipes.

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