Our Best One-Dish Dinners

Pulled Roast Chicken Sandwiches
Pulling together a delicious, well-rounded meal is a breeze with our best-ever recipes for a one-dish dinner. Each of our one-dish dinners requires little prep time and cooks in just one pan, be it a casserole, skillet, slow cooker, or sheet pan, to make cleanup a breeze. Whether you're craving pasta, fajitas, roasted salmon, or sauteed chicken, weeknight cooking doesn't get much simpler than this.

Indian-Spiced Turkey Kabob Pitas

A grill pan or outdoor grill is all that’s required to heat up these Indian turkey breast skewers. For more of that toasty flavor, pop the pitas onto the grill until they’re warm and lightly browned.

Chicken Fajitas in a Flash

The chicken, veggies, and spices roast on one sheet pan for an easier-than-ever fajita dinner. Just scoop the fajita filling into a bowl, place it on the table with a stack of tortillas, and allow everyone to build their own Mexican meal.

Skillet Taco Pie

Speed up casserole cooking time by preparing it in a large, low-sided skillet so the filling gets warm and bubbly quicker. This Mexican meat-and-bean entree can be on the table in just 25 minutes.

Roasted Vegetable-Chicken Sausage Pizza

One key to way-better-than-delivery pizza? Cooking the different elements in layers so they get just enough bake time and no element gets overdone or underdone. Start by roasting the veggies in a baking pan. Transfer those to a wire rack as you partially bake the crust, then layer it all together, finishing with chicken sausage and cheese (before sliding the pan in the oven for one last quick shift).

One-Pot Spaghetti

Cooking the pasta right in the meaty marinara gives it loads more flavor than cooking both separately. Don't forget a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top!

Pan Pasta with Sausage

The orecchiette (Italian for “small ears”) pasta cooks right in the same skillet that’s used for sauteing the sausage, peppers, fennel, and crushed red pepper for maximum flavor—and minimum dishes.

Tilapia Veracruz

Poach tender tilapia fillets (or any mild whitefish) in a skillet brimming with tomatoes, mushrooms, and herbs for a protein-packed 25-minute meal that practically cooks itself.

Hot and Cheesy Chicken Casserole

Give leftover chicken and rice new life in this dump-and-bake casserole. Warning: The cracker crust will make everyone fight for the final crunchy edge pieces.

Fresh Basil and Navy Bean Soup

Go Dutch (oven) and stir together this chicken and vegetable soup recipe in a big stock pot. The shell pasta cooks right in the broth that acts as the soup base.

Mexican Skillet Dinner

Spicy chorizo, chili powder, and ground cumin bring the heat to this quick and easy one-dish dinner. Corn, beans, and cheese round out the eight-ingredient recipe.

Italian-Style Slow Cooker Meat Loaf

Bake this lean beef meat loaf for the first few hours with no topping, then pour on the spiced-up ketchup sauce for the final half hour to get that perfect balance of crispy topping and juicy, flavorful meat loaf.

Basil, Beef, and Barley Soup

Our hearty soup is a cinch to prepare -- just add barley, tomatoes, carrots, beef, and seasonings to a pot, and 30 minutes later you have a warm and satisfying meal.

Halibut with Eggplant Peperonata

Step 1: Heat the onion, eggplant, peppers, and garlic in a skillet until tender. Step 2: Steam the fish in the same skillet. Step 3: Line a plate with spinach, top with halibut, and spoon on peperonata. Bon appetit!

Orange Salmon with Spinach

A sweet-tart orange reduction adds loads of flavor to this 300-calorie salmon dinner with wilted spinach. For a simple carb side, plate with a piece of baguette or leftover rice.

One-Pan Sausage and Roasted Roots

Roasted beets, sweet potatoes, and shallots start first, then halved chicken sausage links get added to the oven for this easy sheet pan dinner recipe. Stir together the horseradish yogurt sauce right in the yogurt container to minimize dishes.

Mediterranean Pizza Skillet

Your favorite pizza ingredients complement the chicken in this dish, and you don't have to fuss with a crust because toasted French or Italian bread makes a worthy stand-in.

Thai Cauliflower Curry

This entire vegetarian Asian dinner recipe comes together in one wok or large skillet. For more protein, try our chicken and eggplant variation.

Pineapple-Chicken Meatball Stir-Fry

A few shortcut supermarket ingredients (canned pineapple pieces, chicken meatballs, and precooked rice) make it possible to prep this teriyaki stir-fry in just 15 minutes.

Apple-Pecan Pork Chops

“Easy, quick, and a huge hit in my family,” says one BH&G reader. Calling for just five common ingredients, plus salt and pepper, this skillet pork dinner is a true fan favorite.

Shrimp and Bean Packets

This hearty, healthful one-dish dinner features shrimp, fresh tomato, green onion, and cannellini beans. All the ingredients bake together in a tightly sealed foil packet, which holds in juices so flavors can blend.

Sweet Potato Hash

A combination of black beans, corn, avocado, and chipotle salsa turn hearty sweet potato hash into a Mexican affair. Temper the chipotle heat with a dollop of sour cream.

One-Pot Ham and Greens Pasta

A splash of starchy pasta water that remains after the orecchiette cooks combines with garlic, butter, leafy greens, and ham drippings to round out this quick and easy pasta dinner recipe.

Baby Beet and Flank Steak Salad Dijon

Turn your definition of a steak salad on its head with our one-dish recipe that combines sweet, juicy beets and perfectly cooked flank steak. If you'd like, shake up the recipe even more by serving it on thick slices of homemade bread.

Beef Sirloin Tips with Smoky Pepper Sauce

For a hearty dinner, cook beef sirloin tips with roasted red peppers and serve over polenta, couscous, or mashed potatoes. Our smoky pepper sauce pulls the whole dish together.

Orange-Pistachio Stuffed Grilled Scallops

Grilled scallops get an unexpected update when stuffed with our creative (and absolutely scrumptious!) orange-pistachio gremolata. Serve with orange slices and fennel atop a bed of arugula.

Pulled Roast Chicken Sandwiches

In just seven minutes of cook time, you can transform a store-bought deli chicken into saucy barbecue sandwiches the whole family will love.

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