Family Meals for $10 or Less

Anytime Tacos
Save time and money with these simple, satisfying suppers.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

We put a spin on this classic casserole by stirring Dijon mustard and chopped roasted red peppers into the cream sauce and topping with potato chips.

Price: $9, serves 4

Enchilada Meat Loaf

Combine two family favorites -- enchiladas and meat loaf -- in one easy dish with this flavorful casserole tucked in a corn muffin crust.

Price: $7, serves 6

Barbecue Pulled Pork

Chili powder and chili sauce add a spicy kick to this saucy sandwich.

Price: $9, serves 16

Catchall Casserole

Rice and cornbread stuffing mix make the base for this hearty casserole that tastes great with any combination of your favorite meat, veggies, and condensed soup.

Price: $7, serves 4

Veggie-Cheese Sandwiches

This fresh cheese, cucumber, spinach, and onion sandwich is topped with tangy honey mustard spread and grills to perfection in just 5 minutes.

Price: $5, serves 4

Bean-Potato Chowder

Swiss cheese gives this mellow soup a pleasing tangy bite. Plus, it's ready in just 20 minutes.

Price: $6, serves 4

Broccoli Lasagna

Filled with broccoli, sweet peppers, Parmesan, and ricotta, this vegetarian spin on an Italian favorite will satisfy, and you'll never even miss the meat.

Price: $9, serves 10

Black Bean Cakes with Salsa

This flavorful Mexican-style meal is prepared with just a handful of ingredients, including black beans, salsa, and corn muffin mix.

Price: $5, serves 4

Hash Brown Casserole

Comfort food at its best, this dish serves up a creamy-crunchy helping of ham, cheese, hash browns, and crispy cornflakes in every bite.

Price: $10, serves 6

Pork Cutlets with Brussels Sprouts

A rich sour cream and brown sugar sauce is the perfect tangy-sweet complement to buttered Brussels sprouts and paprika-rubbed pork chops.

Price: $8, serves 4

Cacciatore-Style Chicken

Let your slow cooker do the work for this savory chicken meal filled with fresh mushrooms, celery, carrot, onion, and sweet peppers.

Price: $9, serves 6

Italian-Style French Dips

Stretch your meals further by using leftover cooked beef or pork for these sandwiches. Simply shred and season the precooked meat and you're ready to eat.

Price: $9, serves 4

The Anything Frittata

Pick your favorite fresh veggies, cooked meat, and cheese to make this anytime-of-day egg dish in less than 30 minutes.

Price: $4, serves 4

Anytime Tacos

Corn salsa-topped tacos are a flavorful way to use leftover cooked pork, beef, chicken, or turkey.

Price: $10, serves 4

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