20-Minute Winter Dinners

pork and Potatoes with Tomato Relish
The weather outside is frightful, and the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. Skip all the work and dish up one of our fast dinner recipes instead. Including hearty chili, creamy pasta, and delicious tostadas, these quick and easy dinners are perfect for busy weeknights.

Breaded Pork with Cabbage and Kale

Snatch that box of corn bread mix hiding in your pantry to make this pork's crumbly golden coating. Simmer red cabbage and kale in olive oil for a fresh and healthful side.

Asian Pork Skillet

Faster than takeout, this pepper-pork skillet lets you enjoy your favorite Asian cuisine at home -- and for fewer calories. The secret? A package of speedy-fast ramen noodles.

Smoked Salmon Flatbread

Eat colorfully! A smear of store-bought onion-chive cream cheese creates a lush base for golden salmon, blushing radishes, and freshly torn lettuce. Purchased flatbreads help cut down on prep time.

Torta Ahogada (Drowned Sandwich)

Tortas are trendy right now. This one's made in 15 minutes and features all your Mexican favorites: fresh guacamole, enchilada-soaked chicken, pickled jalapenos, and cool queso fresco.

Lemon-Ginger Fish

Freshen up your dinner routine with a quick and easy fish recipe. Start with your skillet, simmering lemon-squeezed cod in freshly grated ginger. Wilt baby spinach in the microwave for a simple, healthy base.

Prosciutto and Grape Grilled Cheese

Grapes never tasted so good. The sweet oozing fruit stars alongside salty prosciutto and melty Swiss in far-from-average grilled cheese. Choose between marble rye and sourdough bread.

Roasted Chicken Chimichangas

Packaged items like roasted chicken, beans, and chilled guacamole make chimichangas a perfect choice for fiesta night.

Nectarine, Beet, and Goat Cheese Salad

Take spinach salad from boring to beautiful with baby beets, fresh nectarines, and crumbly goat cheese. Dress it up deliciously with a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette.

Beef and Blue Pizza

An Italian bread shell such as Boboli brand makes this pizza oven-ready. Slather on olive oil then top with roast beef and blue cheese for an outstanding flavor pairing. Sweet peppers and onions give it tangy crunch.

Pesto Penne with Deli-Roasted Chicken

Market-fresh deli chicken and a jar of pesto make this pasta dinner a snap to prepare. Stud the restaurant-worthy dish with roasted peppers, Parm, and broccoli florets.

Light and airy dumplings make the classic chicken and dumplings comfort food a dinnertime winner. Watch the secret to how we know when our homemade chicken and dumplings are done and how to keep the dumplings from sticking.

Video: How to Make Dumplings

Watch our Test Kitchen chef make light and airy dumplings with easy-to-follow steps.

Chunky Bean and Chicken Chili

This hearty chicken chili is quick and easy -- and so good. Green chiles add a touch of heat. Top with tortilla chips for a bit of crunch.

Turkey Steaks with Spinach, Pears, and Blue Cheese

Treat yourself to sage-rubbed turkey tenderloins. We layer ours with grilled spinach, juicy slices of pear, and creamy crumbled blue cheese.

Potato-Topped Beef Bowl

This is comfort food at its finest. Ground beef and mixed veggies are topped with a heaping helping of mashed potatoes and melted cheddar cheese.

Sausage and Orzo

This simple supper of sausage, orzo, green onions, and sweet peppers tosses together in minutes. Leftovers make a great lunch.

Fish Tostadas with Chili-Lime Cream

For a quick dinner you'll love, top crunchy tostadas with broiled tilapia fillets, veggies, and a zesty chili-lime cream.

Smoky Mushroom Stroganoff

Calling all vegetarians! A creamy mushroom sauce dresses up garlicky egg noodles in this meatless twist on a classic Italian favorite.

Layered Turkey Enchiladas

This layered supper features a zippy cranberry enchilada sauce, chicken or turkey, a medley of veggies, and lots of cheese.

Poached Egg Salad

Warm leeks and grapes are tossed with tangy blue cheese and mixed greens. Keep the meal hearty by topping your toast with a creamy poached egg.

Poaching eggs gets a bad rap as a difficult thing to do, but really it'€™s a simple way to cook eggs without added fat. Watch as we demonstrate our secrets for perfect poached eggs to make delicious eggs Benedict, top a salad, or put in a sandwich.

How to Poach an Egg

Watch how easy it is to poach an egg to top your salad or sandwich, or to eat on its own!

Broccoli-Potato Soup with Greens

Gouda cheese gives this delicious soup smoky flavor. Broccoli and winter greens (such as curly endive, chicory, escarole, or spinach) keep it healthy.

Peanut-Sauced Shrimp and Pasta

Plump shrimp, rice noodles, bottled peanut sauce, fresh asparagus, and yellow sweet pepper toss together in minutes, creating a scrumptious supper everyone will love.

Follow our three steps to perfect baked pork chops every time. It'€™s a cinch: Just season, sear, and bake for a moist and juicy pork chop dinner.

How to Bake Pork Chops

Get a perfect sear on your pork chops -- see how!

Pork and Potatoes with Tomato Relish

A topping of grilled onions, fresh tomatoes, and red wine vinaigrette adds pizzazz to classic comfort food.

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