Snack Cracker Toppings: 10 to Try

Crackers topped with tasty treats are favorite finger food appetizers at any gathering. These 10 simple ideas are sure to please any crowd.

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    Fruit and Cheese

    White cheddar cheese, sliced fresh pears.

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    Brunch Starter

    Sliced cucumber, smoked salmon, sour cream, chives.

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    Garden Snack

    Herbed cheese spread, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes.

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    Breakfast to Go

    Cooked bacon, hard-cooked egg wedge, black pepper.

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    Kid Pleaser

    Peanut butter, banana slices, fudge sauce.

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    Mediterranean Treat

    Mixed olive tapenade, capers, fresh parsley, chopped pimiento.

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    Company Coming

    Horseradish spread, blue cheese, roast beef slices, fresh dill.

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    Deli Special

    Honey mustard, smoked turkey, fruit preserves.

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    Mexican Spice

    Black bean spread, avocado slices, fresh tomato salsa.

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    Sweet Surprise

    Vanilla frosting, fresh raspberry, shaved milk chocolate.

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