Easy Appetizers

Our easy appetizers make it simple to throw a stress-free party or holiday get-together so you can have time to enjoy yourself and mingle with your guests. Our crowd-pleasing recipes include a variety of dips, spreads, meats, chips, charcuterie, veggie platters, antipasto trays, and bruschetta, plus much more. We also offer healthy options that are low in sodium, fat, calories, and cholesterol, like deviled eggs, cheese poppers, roasted nuts, breadsticks, guacamole, mini puffs, hummus, nachos, mini calzones, salsa, and wraps. Our easy how-tos will help you master the arts of assembling a cheese tray on your own and preparing a tasty crab dip. For those outdoor summertime bashes, we'll show you how to make scrumptious one-bite appetizers on the grill and provide a selection of our favorite fresh fruit and veggie starters. If it's ideas that you need, check out our potluck and party food finder with delicious recipes for cooks of all skill levels.

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Honey-Brandy Preserved Grapes

These preserved grapes make a great hostess gift! Choose grapes firmly attached to their stems. They should be plump, firm, and bright-colored.

Meal-Prep Ground Meat Base

Choose from ground beef, turkey, or chicken to make this easy ground meat base for all sorts of quick meals throughout your week. For inspiration, try our easy recipes for cheesesteak-style quesadilla or baked Cavatelli. You can also use it in taco bowls, on pizza, and more.

Pumpkin-Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

For a fall twist on hummus, we've added pumpkin, roasted red peppers, and some warm spices (cumin and chili powder). Serve with your favorite dippers!

Gluten-Free Tex-Mex Cheese Dip

Plan to double this recipe for a crowd because this addicting cheesy dip is going disappear fast. Go the extra mile and top with pickled jalapeños and/or additional beans and corn.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Who says cheese balls have to be round? Shape this one into a cute little pumpkin to match its flavor. It just takes some rubber bands.

More Easy Appetizers

Cider-Cheese Fondue

Give the cheese board routine a fall spin with this a three-cheese fondue made with apple cider and served with a spread of hearty dippers.

Hummus 4 Ways

Change-up your dip game! Use our base recipe to make traditional hummus, then choose to go with lime-avocado, roasted pepper, beet, or squash for a new flavor variation.

Grilled Zucchini and Goat Cheese Toasts

Put a bumper crop of zucchini to use in this fresh spin on a crostini appetizer recipe.