15-Minute Side Dish Recipes

Carrot Ribbon Salad
Too busy to cook? Not with these easy side dishes. They all come together in 15 minutes or less -- perfect for busy weeknights or lazy summer weekends.

Caprese Watermelon Salad

Juicy watermelon gives this take on classic caprese a burst of summer goodness. Perfect for on-the-fly entertaining, it's ready in just 10 minutes.

Gazpacho Verde

Give gazpacho a makeover. Our bright green bowl boasts the season's best like spinach, cucumber, and lime. Serve it alongside grilled chicken or fish for an easy summer meal.

Grilled Summer Vegetables with Summer Hollandaise

Asparagus and Broccolini were made for grilling. We love the smoky veggies, but it's the tarragon hollandaise that steals the show.

Enjoy a side dish of asparagus with your next meal. We show you how to cook asparagus to a crisp, flavorful finish.

Side-Dish Asparagus in 5 Minutes!

Watch how to whip up a simple aspargus side dish with only 3-5 minutes of cooking time.

Sweet Berry Dressing

Combine berry juice, oil, lemon, and honey in a blender, and this dressing practically makes itself. We love it on a salad of fresh spinach, mushrooms, and sliced green onion.

Green Bean Salad

Look no further than fresh green beans for a superfast side salad. While you can let the dish stand for 30 minutes, we prefer to enjoy the crunchy veggies right away.

Black Bean and Corn Salad

You're minutes away from your Mexican fix. This low-cal salad comes together in a snap thanks to canned black beans and frozen corn.

Fennel and Orange Salad

Salad doesn't get any prettier than this: oranges and fennel layered with fresh chives. Finish the side with a quick baslamic-and-orange dressing.

Hearts of Romaine with Creamy Feta Dressing

Whip up a dinner-party-ready salad in just 15 minutes. Ours features a creamy feta dressing and crisp hearts of romaine lettuce. Out of feta? Use tangy goat cheese instead.

Garlicky White Bean Dip

Raw veggies just got a whole lot more exciting. Dip and dunk them into our garlicky white bean spread. For maximum garlic flavor, make the dip the night before to let flavors meld.

Tuscan Tuna Salad

A colorful combination of juicy summer tomatoes, arugula, and white beans makes a hearty side salad. For plenty of protein, the quick dish gets tossed with oil-packed tuna so it's substantial enough to be a low-cal entree.

Massaged Kale

Your Tuesday-night self needs this healthy side salad. It calls for just four ingredients and is ready in under 10 minutes.

Kale is a super nutritious, super delicious food that is deserving of its comeback in popularity. We love to add kale to up the health, flavor, and color of dishes at BHG.com. Plus, get a sneak peak at something new you'll want to try: Kale sprouts!

Trend Spotting with BHG: Kale

Get a sneak peak at something new you'll want to try: Kale sprouts!

Skillet Scalloped Corn

Craving comfort food? You're just 15 minutes away from a bowl of cheesy scalloped corn. For a flavor fusion, top the bowl with crushed rye crackers.

Iceberg Wedge Salad with Bacon, Carrots, and Radishes

Start this dish by cooking your bacon in the oven -- mess-free! While the bacon cooks, assemble the rest of the salad in just 15 minutes.

Mixed Greens with Cardamom-Curry Dressing

Say hello to summer's easiest side dish. All it takes is a quick toss of garden-fresh greens and our spicy cardamom-curry dressing.

Pomegranate Green Salad

Dress up basic greens with pomegranate and peanuts. The two combine to create a sweet and salty salad that takes just 15 minutes to make. Want even more flavor? Top the salad with big shavings of Parmesan cheese.

Easy Carrot Ribbon Salad

This crunchy salad is here to help you get dinner on the table. All you'll need is four ingredients and a vegetable peeler.

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