10 Surprising Things to Do with Sweet Potatoes

How many calories in a sweet potato
Sweet potato casserole: been there. Sweet potato fries: done that. Let's move on to sweet potatoes 3.0. This spud's for you.

Sweet Potatoes, Switched Up

Sweet potatoes are the stud of spuds. Nab our best ways to bake 'em, fry 'em, even sip 'em in this tasty tater collection.

#1: Mash into Biscuits

Sweet potatoes lend their (surprise, surprise) sweetness to this delish biscuit batter.

#2: Sip in a Latte

Who knew! This classic from the Better Homes and Gardens vaults surprised even us. A blender is all that stands between you and a lush, sweet potato sipper.

#3: Make Vegetarian Quesadillas

Skip the meat and you'll still feel plenty full, thanks to whole wheat-wrapped navy beans, spinach, radishes, cucumber, and mashed sweet potatoes.

#4: Add to Cupcake Batter

The side dish becomes the dessert. Mash, mash, mash your sweet potatoes into a frenzy, then watch them shine in this crazy-good treat.

#5: Include in a Pasta Toss

Let diced sweet potatoes nudge right up to noodles in a creamy, dreamy pasta dinner.

#6: Bake in a Loaf

This hot potato (see what we did there?) bread satisfies on all fronts: It's sweet, moist, and shareable.

#7: Scramble with Eggs

If you're aiming for a sweet potato trifecta (breakfast, lunch, and dinner featuring the spud), here's your starting line: A delightful egg scramble with baby spinach and your friend, the sweet potato.

#8: Dish as Pudding

There's a lot of Southern influence here: Pecans, cornmeal, and, of course, sweet potatoes join in a creamy dessert pudding.

#9: Bake into Cookies

So much to love: Sweet potatoes, cinnamon, maple syrup, and toasted pecans do their best work together.

#10: Make It Mexican

Wrap up savory pork and chopped sweet potatoes in a hand pie straight from Mexico.

Bonus Recipe: Fry into Fritters

Sweet potatoes have had a healthy reputation long enough -- dunk the good stuff in hot oil for a ridiculous treat.

All About Sweet Potatoes

You Say Potato: Compared to a russet potato, sweet potatoes have:

  • Nearly as much potassium
  • More vitamin C
  • More than a day's worth of vitamin A (russets have none)
  • The same amount of calories

What's in a Name?: One grocery store calls them "sweet potatoes" and one calls them "yams." Officially, they're all sweet potatoes. A real yam is hard to find, unless you go to an ethnic market.

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