10 Surprising Things to Do with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato casserole: been there. Sweet potato fries: done that. Let's move on to sweet potatoes 3.0. This spud's for you.

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    Sweet Potatoes, Switched Up

    Sweet potatoes are the stud of spuds. Nab our best ways to bake 'em, fry 'em, even sip 'em in this tasty tater collection.

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    #1: Mash into Biscuits

    Sweet potatoes lend their (surprise, surprise) sweetness to this delish biscuit batter.

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    #2: Sip in a Latte

    Who knew! This classic from the Better Homes and Gardens vaults surprised even us. A blender is all that stands between you and a lush, sweet potato sipper.

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    #3: Make Vegetarian Quesadillas

    Skip the meat and you'll still feel plenty full, thanks to whole wheat-wrapped navy beans, spinach, radishes, cucumber, and mashed sweet potatoes.

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    #4: Add to Cupcake Batter

    The side dish becomes the dessert. Mash, mash, mash your sweet potatoes into a frenzy, then watch them shine in this crazy-good treat.

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    #5: Include in a Pasta Toss

    Let diced sweet potatoes nudge right up to noodles in a creamy, dreamy pasta dinner.

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    #6: Bake in a Loaf

    This hot potato (see what we did there?) bread satisfies on all fronts: It's sweet, moist, and shareable.

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    #7: Scramble with Eggs

    If you're aiming for a sweet potato trifecta (breakfast, lunch, and dinner featuring the spud), here's your starting line: A delightful egg scramble with baby spinach and your friend, the sweet potato.

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    #8: Dish as Pudding

    There's a lot of Southern influence here: Pecans, cornmeal, and, of course, sweet potatoes join in a creamy dessert pudding.

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    #9: Bake into Cookies

    So much to love: Sweet potatoes, cinnamon, maple syrup, and toasted pecans do their best work together.

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    #10: Make It Mexican

    Wrap up savory pork and chopped sweet potatoes in a hand pie straight from Mexico.

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    Bonus Recipe: Fry into Fritters

    Sweet potatoes have had a healthy reputation long enough -- dunk the good stuff in hot oil for a ridiculous treat.

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    All About Sweet Potatoes

    You Say Potato: Compared to a russet potato, sweet potatoes have:

    • Nearly as much potassium
    • More vitamin C
    • More than a day's worth of vitamin A (russets have none)
    • The same amount of calories

    What's in a Name?: One grocery store calls them "sweet potatoes" and one calls them "yams." Officially, they're all sweet potatoes. A real yam is hard to find, unless you go to an ethnic market.

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