Pork Chops

Savory or sweet, slow-simmered or pan-fried, pork chops are a classic dinnertime favorite, as you'll soon discover with our delicious pork chop recipes. Pork's biggest selling point is its versatility. It can be simmered or fried, savory or sweet, depending on taste preference. Plus, pork chops don't take long to cook, as our 30-minute pork dishes show. On hurried weeknights, pork chops can be crusted and baked, sliced to top a salad or add to a stir-fry, or skewered for pork kabobs. Cutting a pocket in pork chops and stuffing them with your favorite ingredients is a fun way to add flavor; we show you how. There are other great recipes to try, from pesto-stuffed chops to rosemary skillet dinners. If you don't know much about cooking with pork, you'll want to start with our downloadable chart that will help you figure out how long and at what temperature you should cook different cuts of pork.

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30-Minute Pork Recipes
Need a delicious and filling dinner in a hurry? No problem! These 30-minute pork recipes deliver a mouthwatering meal in a matter of minutes. With these go-to recipes such as pork chops, tacos, and stir-fry, you'll never have to spend hours in the kitchen again.
How to Fry Pork Chops to Always-Juicy Perfection
On the stove, in the oven, or in an air fryer, we've got you covered.
How to Cut a Pocket in Pork Chops
Pork chop recipes that star a savory stuffing are much easier to make than you might think! These step-by-step directions show you which pork chop cuts to use, how to cut pork chop pockets, and how to fill your stuffed pork chops. You'll also find links to our favorite stuffed pork chop recipes.