7 Air-Fryer Pork Recipes for Pork Chops, Ribs, and More

Curb your cravings with one of our delicious air-fryer pork recipes including crispy pork dumplings, egg rolls, and ginger-glazed pork ribs.

Creating a delicious meal with quick-cooking pork is excellent for easy weeknight meals, comforting family suppers, and every meal occasion. Pork cooks fast on the grill and gets nice and juicy in the oven, but you can achieve equally delicious pork recipes using your air fryer. The versatile meat is a lean main dish option for a boost of protein without packing on a ton of fat. Now you can rely on even less fat going into your pork dishes with the help of your air fryer. The next time you grab a package of pork chops, ribs, or sausage from the store, consider one of these air-fryer pork recipes for delicious appetizers or meals in no time.

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Air-Fried Bratwurst Bites with Spicy Beer Mustard

Air-Fried Bratwurst Bites Spicy Beer Mustard
Victor Protasio

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The most difficult part of making this air-fryer pork recipe? Well, nothing, really. Toss some bratwurst and peppers in the air fryer. While that's going, stir together beer, mustard, and a few spices. Voilà! You've got a quick and easy snack for family game night.

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Air-Fryer Egg Rolls

Air-Fried Egg Rolls
Caitlin Bensel

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Sure, the egg rolls at your local takeout spot are irresistible. But when you're trying to limit your oil intake, a deep-fried treat isn't the best healthy snack option. Here you can enjoy the crunchy treat with only one (yes, one!) teaspoon of oil. We used ground pork and cabbage, in this air-fryer recipe. The salt level is also kept lower by creating a homemade dipping sauce with low-sodium soy sauce.

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Air-Fried Ginger-Glazed Pork Ribs

Ginger-Glazed Pork Ribs on white platter
Antonis Achilleos

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Step aside slow-cooker ribs, these air-fryer pork ribs are about to blow your mind. It only takes 20 minutes to cook these beauties and with how delicious they are, they'll likely disappear even faster. The star of these juicy, tender ribs is the homemade spicy-sweet glaze featuring chipotle pepper, apricot preserves, and ginger.

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Air-Fryer Pork Chops with Brussels Sprouts

Air-Fryer Pork Chops with Brussels Sprouts
Greg DuPree

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For a quick all-in-one meal, look no further than these air-fryer pork chops. Seasoned pork chops and Brussels sprouts both cook together and (depending on the desired meat temperature) cook in as little as 10 minutes.

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Air-Fryer Jerk Pork Skewers with Black Bean Mango Salsa

Jerk Pork Skewers Black Bean Mango Salsa
Greg DuPree

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First of all, how pretty is this meal?! The jerk-spiced air-fryer pork tenderloin kabobs pair beautifully with the fresh salsa of mango, black beans, and lime. Serve over a bed of hot cooked rice for a delicious healthy dinner that is sure to get rave reviews from kids and adults alike.

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Air-Fryer Pork Dumplings

Pork Dumplings with Dipping Sauce on white plates
Victor Protasio

Here's another air-fryer pork recipe that pays tribute to your favorite takeout food minus the oil bath. For a delightful veggie crunch in every bite, we've added stir-fried bok choy with garlic and ginger. The soy dipping sauce adds the perfect amount of tang to your appetizer course.

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Air-Fryer Scotch Eggs

air fried scotch eggs on bed of arugula

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A traditional Scotch egg is a hard-cooked egg wrapped in a seasoned sausage mixture and fried. To eliminate the need for oil, the air fryer does a remarkable job getting the exterior nice and crispy. Serve over a bed of peppery arugula greens and a drizzle of Sriracha mayo.

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