These are just some of the winners from this year.

By Isabelle Dungan
December 12, 2016

As we wind down the year and gear up for a brand new start in 2017, we're taking a look back at some of the biggest food and drink trends of 2016. From rainbow bagels to frosé, we covered the biggest foodie trends this past year. Here's a round-up of our favorite ones. Which one haven't you tried yet? Hurry up before 2017 ushers in a brand new culinary frenzy! Check out our top five favorite food and drink trends of 2016:

1. Behold the Rainbow Bagel Adorned With Funfetti Cream Cheese

Spoon University

As soon as rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese hit the streets in Brooklyn, New York, we knew breakfast had forever been changed. When a video of the oh-so-colorful carbs went viral, the store sold over 800 bagels a day! Talk about finding gold at the end of rainbows...

2. 'Twas the Summer of Frosé

A Turtle's Life For Me

Everywhere we turned this summer we saw signs advertising frosé and frozen wine slushies. Arguably one of the most dangerous food and beverage trends of 2016, we were slurpin' up this year's new fun, frozen drinks all season long.

3. Sweet Potato Everything for a Sweet Life

From sweet potato lattes to sweet potato bread, we couldn't get enough of this deliciously healthy root vegetable in all its glorious forms! We think sweet potatoes get the award for being the most versatile and wholesome food trend of 2016.

4. Insanely Over-the-Top Milkshakes

Sweet Sundays

Milkshakes made a big comeback in 2016, shaking things up in a seriously decadent way. From boozy milkshake recipes to cereal milkshakes to a milkshake for every day of the week, we seriously feel sorry for the lactose intolerant out there!

5. Cauliflower Everything: Turning Junk Food...Healthy

Game day snacks were forever changed this year with the insertion of cauliflower! From spicy-tangy buffalo cauliflower sticks to cauliflower pizza bites, we used this calorie-light, cruciferous base for everything this year!


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