Host an epic pizza party with The Faux Martha's no-fail homemade pizza crust recipe. Then finish things off with our favorite pizza topping combos!

By Karla Walsh
March 15, 2017

Scroll through the most popular posts on Melissa Coleman's beautiful blog, The Faux Martha, and you're likely to find DIY projects, inspiring home before-and-afters, and a sweet dessert recipe or two.

Those baking chops come in handy come pizza night as well. Take one bite of her pizza crust recipe that almost broke the Internet (yes, it's that popular!), and you'll become a Faux Martha follower.

Homemade Pizza Crust

Recipe courtesy of The Faux Martha

Yield: 6 small pizza crusts


  • 4-5 cups bread flour
  • 2 teaspoons flaky kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon instant yeast*
  • 1 3/4 cup cold water
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • Cornmeal, for dusting


1. Into a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook, add 4 cups of flour, kosher salt, and yeast. Mix together.

2. Pour water and oil into a liquid measuring cup. With the mixer on low, slowly pour in liquids until combined. Stop the mixer every so often and scrape sides to help incorporate all the flour.

3. Once all the flour is incorporated, add flour a couple tablespoons or so at a time, about an additional cup total, until dough is tacky, but not sticky. The dough will begin pulling away from the sides, only sticking to the bottom. Once the texture of the dough is just right, it will look like a fat tornado. Continue mixing/kneading the dough on low speed for another 10 minutes.

4. Remove dough to a surface. Using the pastry bench scraper or knife, cut the dough into six equal parts. Shape dough into balls.

5. If freezing dough for later, place individual balls in a resealable bag. Place a straw into the far side of the bag. Close to the straw. Suck out all remaining air. Quickly remove straw and finish closing. Place in freezer for up to 2 months.

6. If starting with frozen dough, remove from the freezer the morning before cooking. Open bag and allow to rise in the bag on the counter all day. If using freshly made dough, drizzle with a bit of oil and cover with plastic wrap. Allow to rise on the counter for 4-8 hours. (Dough will rise more quickly in a warm kitchen and take longer in a cold kitchen.)

7. One hour before baking, place a baking steel, pizza stone, or sheet pan in oven. Turn oven to highest temperature and allow to preheat. In the meantime, assemble sauce or pesto as well as toppings. Place fresh mozzarella ball, if using, in the freezer to ease slicing.

8. About 30 minutes before baking, assemble the pizza. Spread a little cornmeal on your peel to allow an easy slide into the oven. Set aside. Using a bit of flour, coat the outside edge of the dough to eliminate any wet areas. Gently press dough a couple times. (Be careful not to break the outside seal of the dough.) This will help to create those picture-perfect charred bubbles. Adding additional flour if necessary, either toss or press the dough into a 10-12" round.

9. Place shaped dough onto the peel. Drizzle the outer edge of the crust with olive oil for flavor. Gently rub in. Add a couple dollops of prepared sauce around the pizza. A little goes a long way. Use the back of a spoon to spread evenly. Remove mozzarella from freezer and thinly slice. Place on top of pizza with any additional toppings.

10. Carefully slide pizza onto steel or stone. Bake for 5-15 minutes. This will vary greatly from oven to oven.** Remove from oven onto the peel. Slice and serve.


*This recipe is written specifically for instant yeast. No temperature activation is required. If using dry active yeast (or another form), use warm water instead of cold as listed.

**Ovens vary. I've made this in an electric and gas oven. Either way, I turn the oven up to the hottest temperature (not broil). The first couple of times, I play around with placement in the oven. In one oven, I placed the baking steel on the very bottom, though that always made me nervous. In my current oven, I place the steel on the second rung down from the top. That seems to work best in getting a nice crunch on the crust and melty cheese. It's 100% trial and error. Because of this, baking times will vary immensely.

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February 8, 2019
I wish I could find a pizza dough recipe for dummies on here. Plus, I don't have a mixer, blender or food processor. How to make by hand?