Fruit Pizza Recipes: The Perfect Excuse to Eat Pizza Any Time of Day

Candied Apple Pizza
Think outside the pizza box and beyond the usual tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. These fruit pizza recipes change up the traditional slice, subbing your favorite berries and fruit slices in place of savory toppings, and swapping cream cheese for pizza sauce. Mix and match these recipe toppings just a bit, and you could eat fruit pizza every meal of the day.

Dessert Fruit Pizza

This classic fruit pizza starts with a fan-favorite sugar cookie crust, then gets a yummy spread of cream cheese, amaretto, and brown sugar. We used a mix of peaches, berries, grapes, and kiwi to top this pizza recipe, but you can customize with your favorites.

Berry Breakfast Pizzas

Don't limit your fruit pizzas to just dessert and snacks. They can be a great way to start your day, too! Just spread cream cheese and a gooey berry topping across a toasted pita round, and your breakfast is ready to go, fruit pizza-style.

Grilled Fruit Pizza

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon may not be your usual fruit pizza toppers, but a quick roast on the grill makes them ideal for grilled flatbreads. Spread on a mix of ricotta cheese and honey, and add a few strips of prosciutto for a sweet and savory treat that will make you rethink the classic fruit pizza.

Dessert Pizza with Banana Ice Cream

This pizza doubles down on fruit with a fruit topping—and even more fruit hiding underneath the layers of berries and grapes! A smear of homemade banana ice cream across a crisp rice cereal crust gives this recipe a double dose of fruity flavor.

Mini Berry Pizzas

Did you hear that? These berry-topped dessert pizzas are calling your name! A quick dollop of cream cheese frosting on a freshly baked sugar cookie, plus a few of your favorite berries, makes these mini pizzas completely irresistible.

Chicken and Peach Pesto Pizza

Want a fruit pizza that's hearty enough for dinner? This pesto, peach, and chicken flatbread is for you! Grilled chicken adds a powerful punch of protein, while plenty of fresh peach slices keep each bite summery and fruity.

Rainbow Fruit Pizza

Why serve a circular pizza when you can create this stunning pizza rainbow with fresh fruit? Shape sugar cookie dough into a rainbow before baking, then arrange your favorite rainbow-color fruits in rows to chase away the hunger pangs.

Fruit Tostadas

These mini fruit pizzas are truly make-your-own. Cut tortillas into any shape you like, then top with cream cheese or yogurt and your favorite berries and fruits. You'll be biting into a super-cute fruit pizza snack in no time!

Sweet Bacon and Pear Pizza

Bacon-lovers will get their fix with this fruit pizza recipe. A sprinkle of candied bacon bites, fresh pear slices, and crumbles of feta cheese make every slice of this unique fruity pizza a sweet and salty delight.

Candied Apple Pizza

Forget the other fruits: This pizza is all about apples. A creamy mascarpone topping, candied apple slices, and a drizzle of caramel on top make this fruit pizza perfect for a caramel apple-style dessert.

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