Pizza night is a family tradition. But, no need to pick up the phone. Instead, serve up great memories and fresh-baked slices using our delicious homemade recipes. We have all your favorite choices including pizzas packed with a variety of veggies and meats, along with healthy options that make second helpings a breeze. Make your pizza extra-special with our step-by-step instructions to create your own dough, including the ever-popular deep-dish crust. Top your dough with basic ingredients such as mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, or jazz it up with our unique ideas such as chicken and corn, beef and blue cheese, Caesar salmon, mushrooms and garlic, marinated artichokes, smoked sausage and shrimp, caramelized onions, or meatballs. We even offer Mexican-inspired pizzas with recipes for taco- and enchilada-style pizza. You can rest assured that your pizzas will turn out great no matter how you slice them for birthday parties, slumber parties, weeknight meals, or late-night snacks.

Air-Fryer Calzones

You'll love these healthier stuffed pizzas using your air fryer. Make sure to not overfill them, so they'll stay sealed with all that cheesy goodness. Don't forget to flip them once while cooking so they'll get perfectly golden brown on both sides. Serve them up with a side of marinara sauce for dipping!
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Cheesy Pork Roast Calzone

After you've gone through the work of making a tender pork roast, use leftovers in this calzone recipe for a leftover makeover if you tire of eating the roast plain.
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Potato and Leek Pizza with Arugula

Sliced potatoes may not be a traditional pizza topper, but this combo will convince you they deserve to be in your repertoire.
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Apple Pizza with Bacon

Move over, marinara. This easy apple recipe takes pizza in a new direction by topping the golden-brown crust with Gala apple slices and crispy bacon. Instead of traditional mozzarella, crumbles of blue cheese help take this recipe a step above other classic pizza recipes.
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Deep-Dish Cheeseburger Pizza Casserole

This easy casserole recipe is like three dishes in one! Besides being an simple weeknight casserole, it also includes everything we love about cheeseburgers and deep-dish pizza (mainly lots and lots of cheese).
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More Pizza

The Pizza Crust Recipe That's Taking Over the Internet

Host an epic pizza party with The Faux Martha's no-fail homemade pizza crust recipe. Then finish things off with our favorite pizza topping combos!
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Roasted Vegetable-Chicken Sausage Pizza

You can put down your phone and delivery menus, because this pizza is ready in less than an hour (and even better than takeout!). You can customize it how you like, but we highly recommend sweet peppers, asparagus, and chicken sausage.
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Margherita Pizza

This classic pizza pairing of melty cheese, bright sauce, fresh basil, and chewy bread really shines in a cast iron skillet