This Lasagna Hack is Exactly What You Need to Make Dinner Easier

It's so quick and simple.
Image courtesy of Robin Plotkin

Lasagna is an Italian staple at the family dinner table. Layers upon layers of savory, cheesy goodness.

For many, it seems to be the most requested comfort food, but it also can be the messiest, most time-consuming thing to make. Each new layer just means another frustrating way to mess it up.

Culinary blogger Robin Plotkin has a solution on her website to mastering the difficult dish... And it might even be better than your passed-down family recipe.

The creation is homemade lasagna in a Mason jar! It's perfect for lunch on the go or for personal serving sizes that the kids in your life will adore. Plus, it will keep you full and energized all day.

Image courtesy of Robin Plotkin

And the best part? You can layer in whatever you like, so you don't have to compromise on flavor.

Seriously, layers upon layers of flavor.

Image courtesy of Robin Plotkin

If you don't have a sacred family recipe to use for your Mason jar deliciousness, check out this classic step-by-step recipe from STL Cooks. They fill their jar with ground turkey, tomato sauce, cheese filing, noodles, and basil leaves. Yum!

With this hack, the possibilities are endless! Is your mouth watering yet?


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