Some helpful hints for using your pasta maker to its full potential.

Follow manufacturer's directions when you use a pastamaker.

Pasta makers mix and extrude dough through templates to make many shapes. For best results, carefully follow the manufacturer's recipes and directions.

Rolling the pasta.

To roll: Set machine on widest opening; pass dough through again. Repeat until dough is 1/16-inch thick. Dust dough with flour to keep from sticking. If dough piece gets too long, cut it in half.

Cutting the pasta.

To cut: Pass rolled dough through the cutting blades: Use the 1/8-inch wide setting for linguine, 1/4-inch setting for fettuccine or noodles, and 1/2-inch setting for tagliatelle. Cut noodles into 2-inch pieces. Cut fettuccine and linguine into 12-inch lengths.


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