5 Spaghetti Secrets You Need to Know for Making Perfect Pasta

These genius spaghetti hacks will make pasta night much easier.

Aside from cereal and boxed macaroni and cheese, spaghetti is probably one of the first meals you learned how to make. Topped with store-bought sauce or tossed with bacon and veggies for a pasta carbonara, this dinnertime favorite is easy to make and pleases a crowd. So, you probably have learned all there is to know about spaghetti, right? Wrong. We looked into our most-common spaghetti struggles and found hacks to solve all our noodle problems -- even the ones we didn't know existed! Check out these genius hacks below to make Italian fare a breeze.

1. Serving Spoon

Simple Most

Did you know that hole in the middle of your spaghetti spoon does more than drain water? It measures out a perfect single portion size of spaghetti to take the guess work out of cooking! Of course, if the recipe is really good, feel free to add a little more pasta to the pot.

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2. Microwave Ring

Awesome Eats

We can almost never finish a restaurant-sized serving of delicious, creamy pasta. But, no matter how hard we try, reheating the leftovers just doesn't work. Avoid unevenly heated spaghetti by arranging your noodles in a ring on the plate.

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3. Contain It

Spaghetti is a crucial part in the art of Italian cuisine, but its packaging is often a different story. Get rid of unsightly boxes by storing your spaghetti in oversized clear glass jars. The gorgeous result will add décor to your countertops and free up space in your cabinets.

4. Make It Healthy

Love spaghetti but hate the guilt that comes with it? Try spaghetti squash! This pasta substitute is great for spaghetti lovers on a diet. With the right sauces and ingredients, not even the kids will be able to taste the difference!

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5. Hot Dog Heaven

Damn Delicious

We thought it was weird at first, too, but this fun treat is different and delicious! Thread dried pasta noodles through hot dog slices before your cook for a kid-friendly dinner. We love that this blogger used chicken sausage for a more grown-up twist.

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