These Campfire Cones Are What You Absolutely Need This Summer

Unexpectedly fun summer treats for everyone.
Image courtesy of Ora TV

Several things come to mind when you hear the words "summer nights"... and bonfires are definitely one of them. Something about a group of friends or neighbors huddled around a campfire sharing memories makes us grin from ear to ear. But there is one thing that must be at every bonfire: s'mores!

While the classic graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow combo is hard to beat, we found an ooey-gooey snack that comes pretty close. They're called campfire cones.

The idea comes from Haylie Duff with the Ora TV YouTube channel and we are loving this twist on s'mores! Here's how you do it:

Step 1

Image courtesy of Ora TV

Collect yummy s'more toppings. Chocolate chips and marshmallows are a must, but have fun with other favorites such as caramel, cereal, sprinkles, and fruit chunks! We love Haylie's idea to sort the toppings in a muffin tin.

Step 2

Image courtesy of Ora TV

Fill a waffle cone with all the goodies! A great hack is to smear peanut butter around the inside of the cone first for it to melt to perfection later.

Step 3

Image courtesy of Ora TV

Wrap each cone in one layer of aluminum foil. Don't forget to mark or label who each cone belongs to!

Step 4

Image courtesy of Ora TV

Let the cones sit above or near the fire for a few minutes before you carefully take them out. Unwrap the cones, top them off with whipped cream, and enjoy!

Check out how Haylie and her friends made theirs in the video below:


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