Celebrate the end of the season with these Super Bowl cocktail ideas made special for every fan at your party. Win or lose, these game day drinks are sure to liven up the party (even if some of your guests are just watching for the commercials).

By Katherine C. Parker
February 18, 2016
Razzy Lager

Your spread of game day drinks isn't complete with beer, of course. Hedge your bets with a tall, skinny glass of dark lager beer and Chambord (bowl of peanuts optional).

Get the recipe: Razzy Lager

For the Fan Who Prefers the Half-Time Show

Prosecco-Peach Punch

Instead of taking a break at halftime, keep the celebration going with this game day punch. This fancy, fizzy party cocktail recipe was mixed specially for the fan who's just watching for a surprise Beyonce cameo.

Get the recipe: Prosecco-Peach Punch

For the Fan Who Paints Their Face

Dandy Shandy

This all-in fan is allowed to drink from plastic cups, which is just what this football-themed cocktail was made for. Mix equal parts good-quality dark stout beer and chilled ginger ale or ginger beer. The result is incredibly drinkable, even through the face paint.

Get the recipe: Dandy Shandy

For the Fan Who Tracks All the Game Stats

Bourbon Stout Cocktail

You'll need just one of these football season cocktails to feel the excitement of the game. Pair chocolate stout and bourbon, then add vanilla and chocolate flavors, finishing with a drizzle of cream. Touchdown!

Get the recipe: Bourbon Stout Cocktail

Your ale options don't end here! Click for 14 mind-blowing ways to cook with beer.

For the Fan Who "Shhhs" Everyone During Commercials

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

Aren't the ads good this year? Get through those four quarters in between with a game day cocktail featuring bourbon, lemon juice, sparkling lemonade, and a quick DIY blackberry-rosemary syrup.

For the Fan Who's Hosting the Viewing Party

Apple-Cinnamon Winter Sangria

When it's your house on game day, a pitcher of super bowl mixed drinks keeps things simple. Pick this made-for-winter Apple-Cinnamon Sangria, featuring dried fruits, vodka, and red wine...just keep over-eager fans away from the white couch.

For the Fan Who Dressed in a Team Jersey

The Porcupine

It's been a long season—tonight your team could be the champ! Be ready to celebrate with game day cocktails by mixing pale ale beer, unsweetened pineapple juice, and a sparkling dry white wine, such as Prosecco, for good measure. 

Get the recipe: The Porcupine

For the Fan Who Yells "Touchdown!" Every Time Their Team Scores

Cucumber Sangria

You're big about celebrating every winning moment, so don't peak too early (and there's no need to fill the belly with booze when there are chicken wings and brownies to nosh on). This sweet but not-too-sweet sangria is a wonderfully refreshing touchdown cocktail and can combat the day's spicy eats. 

Get the recipe: White Cucumber Sangria

For the Fan Who Tailgates. Always.

Spicy Beer Mary

Starting the celebration well before kickoff? This morning tailgate drink builds the base with salty hot-style vegetable juice and lager beer. Just add celery.

Get the recipe: Spicy Beer Mary

Best Game Day Recipes

Football Cookie Dough Pops
Credit: Hannah Bigot

Now it's time to pair some delicious food with these Super Bowl party drinks! Grab one of our football-shaped desserts if you're in the mood for something sweet, or whip up a hot dip in your cast-iron skillet to satisfy savory cravings.


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