Game-Day Recipes

No matter who you root for, everybody loves game day. It's a time for friends to gather, cheer on the teams, and of course, eat fantastic game-day food. Whatever your favorite -- chili, pizza, finger foods, sandwiches, ethnic dishes -- you'll find it all here. Start with scoring the best in dips -- including super easy slow cooker versions -- as well as chicken wings, a favorite at football parties. If you haven't left yourself much time for party preparations, try our quick and easy party foods. With options for everything from elegant crostini and breaded shrimp to quesadillas and cheesy stuffed breads, you can impress guests without spending hours in the kitchen. Pizza is a winner with kids and adults alike. For the big game, don't turn to the same old delivery or frozen pizza. Instead, try our pizza recipes with new topping ideas. From veggie-loaded to meatball-topped pies, there's a pizza idea for every fan. Dessert is the victory dance of your gathering; try our suggestions, including yummy brownie recipes, to end with a win.

Game-Day Food in 30 Minutes or Less

Imagine you're running down the field as the clock ticks down to the final minutes of the game. But in your case the field is the kitchen, and the ticking clock is counting down to company. You need a quick play.
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Make-Ahead Dips You Can't Resist Dunking Into

Never stress about what to bring to a party again! These irresistible make-ahead dip recipes will be the star of any appetizer table. Best of all, these dips can be made ahead of time and stored for at least 4 hours before serving.
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Score Big with These Game Day Potluck Picks

Show off your team spirit on game day with these fab finds to create the perfect spread that will make everyone cheer.
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Simple Slow Cooker Sandwich Recipes

Let your slow cooker do the work on busy weeknights. Filled with slow-simmered meats and vegetables, these delicious slow cooker sandwiches are perfect for game-time parties or a simple weeknight supper. Whether you're craving classic barbecue pulled pork sandwiches or saucy sloppy joes, you'll love adding these easy slow cooker recipes to your weeknight menu.
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Easy Slow Cooker Appetizers

Looking for no-fuss appetizer recipes to kick off your party? It's time to whip out that slow cooker! Including juicy meatballs, creamy dips, and spicy wings, we've got all your favorite slow cooker appetizers to choose from. Try one of these easy slow cooker appetizer recipes for your next party or get-together.
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More Game-Day Recipes

12 Quick & Easy Hot Dips

Try our easy hot dips to make game-day parties and casual potlucks occasions to savor. Any event will be tastier with these crowd-pleasing appetizer dips, whether you decide to serve up indulgent buffalo chicken dip or a healthier spinach dip recipe.
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Make-Ahead Game-Day Recipes

Game-changer: These recipes worthy of the big game can all be made ahead of time, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the action! We've got your all-star party-food lineup, including dips, sandwiches, chili, meatballs, brownies, and even punch.
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Tailgate Recipe Face-Off

Whether you're tailgating at the stadium or cheering on your team at home, the most heated face-off is what's on the game-day menu. We're sharing our insider picks for the perfect tailgate menu, including classics like brats, burgers, and hot dogs. We're also tossing the coin on new football fare like kale chips, hot chocolate, and spiced chickpeas. Which recipe will win? It's time for the ultimate fan-food showdown.