9 Pride Food Ideas That Are Bursting with Rainbow Color

Prepare for the most magical explosion of color.

This month marks the 50th year of LGBTQ Pride Month. While the annual parades and events that traditionally go along with the event are canceled this year, we still want to celebrate the LGBTQ community. Is there any better way to do that than with beautiful food featuring the colors of the rainbow flag? Rainbow foods have been trendy for a while now (right up there with the unicorn food craze), but now is an especially good time to appreciate the colorful food creations across the internet. Feast your eyes on these jaw-dropping dishes that are sure to make everyone, but especially those in the LGBTQ community, smile just by looking at them. Maybe you'll even get inspired to recreate one of these treats at home. You can literally taste the rainbow now.

rainbow cake
Courtesy of @cakelaurenloves / Instagram

Rainbow Cake

A quick click on the #rainbowcake tag and you'll immediately be blown away by the 840,000 creative cakes. Lauren of @cakelaurenloves shared this showstopper (decorated with a beautiful woven style piping technique called macramé) with us exclusively before sharing with her followers. She makes an annual rainbow cake as part of her friend's annual Pride collaboration for bakers to share the love through celebration cakes. Make your own layered rainbow cake with this recipe and fill it with rainbow sprinkles. You can also make a simple chocolate or yellow cake with buttercream frosting (tinted with food coloring, if you like for a rainbow effect).

Rainbow Bagels

Have you ever seen a breakfast spread so colorful? Duleesha Jayagoda of @duleecious made these brightly-hued bagels for her daughter. According to her post, "she was over the moon." I would be, too.

Rainbow Tortellini

If you've been spending some quality baking therapy time in quarantine, Linda Miller Nicholson of @saltyseattle is taking it up a notch with pasta therapy. Make your own homemade pasta or order some plant-dyed dough from the creator herself.

Rainbow Sushi

Rainbow sushi is totally a thing. In fact, Shay and Steph of @soflofoodie are no strangers when it comes to turning food into colorful works of art. Just check out their rainbow cheesecake or cotton candy burrito.

Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake

Alexandra of @bonbearkitchen created a stunning cake in rainbow color order as a delicious way to kick-off Pride Month. Those thin crepe layers sandwiched with creme pat (aka pastry cream) and whipped cream look like a sweet dream.

rainbow gelatin on plate
Andy Lyons

Rainbow Gelatin

Would this really be a rainbow food list without mentioning gelatin? Our classic ribbon gelatin recipe that looks complicated, but it's actually quite easy. For an adult version, you can always whip up some jello cocktails.

Rainbow Pizza

Sweet or savory, pizza dough is a wonderful canvas for an array of colorful toppings. Use garden veggies on cauliflower crust for a healthy dinner like Layla of @gimmedelicious. Make a dessert fruit pizza with a classic sweet cream cheese base or go dairy-free with a fruit-topped banana ice cream pizza.

Mini Rainbow Treats

If you want to see some super adorable vintage-inspired tiny confections, check out Emily Baratta's work at @grandmabs_minitreats. These rainbow pinwheels and sprinkle-covered colorful bark look amazing.

Rainbow Food Board

Charcuterie boards aren't just for cheese and meat anymore (have you seen these amazing dessert and brunch boards?). Trendy food board stylist Maegan Brown of @thebakermama made a healthy rainbow of fruits and veggies. Arrange your charcuterie by color to get the full rainbow effect.

Be sure to share your creations by using the popular #rainbowfood tag on Instagram, which currently has more than 180,000 posts. Then keep the rainbow pride alive by adding a rainbow to your window to stay connected to your neighbors.

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