Potluck-Perfect Desserts

Share some sweets at your next get-together with our favorite potluck desserts. We have the desserts you've been dreaming of, including fresh fruit bars, chocolate brownies, and fun and easy cupcakes!

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    No-Bake Butterscotch Bars

    These pretty bars owe their flavor to butterscotch pudding and crushed candy bars. If you're the plan-ahead type, make these in advance and freeze them -- just set them out for 30 minutes before serving.


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    Lemonade Cake

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade cake! Lemonade concentrate makes this cake slightly tart, which is complemented by the creamy frosting.

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    Crumb-Topped Apple Slab Pie

    This popular-on-Pinterest recipe will be a crowd-pleaser at your next potluck. Try blogger Robyn's version of the apple-cinnamon pie for a salted caramel flavor.

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    Blondie Sticks

    Serving these rich, sweet bars on a stick makes them perfect for potlucks. Serve them in a Mason jar or poke the sticks into a block of foam for an easy but efficient display.

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    Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies

    This all-time favorite recipe makes 60 cookies, which is perfect for your next neighborhood get-together. The pumpkin cookies really do melt in your mouth, though, so prepare for these to go quickly!

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    Video: How to Check Cookies for Doneness

    Bake potluck-perfect cookies every time with our easy tips.

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    Peach Melba Pie Pops

    Another lollipop-inspired dessert that's potluck-perfect! The peach Melba flavor is accented by the sweet pastry crust, icing, and chopped almonds.

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    Gluten-Free Fudgy Brownies

    Tasty gluten-free options aren't always available at potlucks -- especially when it comes to dessert. These chocolaty brownies definitely solve that problem!

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    How to Make Gluten-Free Flour Mix

    Learn how to make your own gluten-free flour! Double (or triple) the recipe to have flour on hand for future baking.

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    White Chocolate-Cranberry Crispy Treats

    We’ve taken a childhood favorite and added creamy white chocolate chunks and sweet cranberries. It’s a delightful treat for both kids and adults.

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    Fresh Strawberry Bars

    Rich peanut butter bars are topped with a layer of strawberry jam and heaps of fresh strawberries in this unbeatable potluck dessert. To make ahead of time, wrap the bars in foil and store at room temperature for up to 24 hours. Top with berries and jam just before serving.

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    Toffee Bars

    Potluck guests are sure to go nuts over these salty-sweet low-cal treats. Walnuts and pecans make a perfectly crunchy topper.

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    Prize Caramel Apple Bars

    Enjoy caramel apples without the sticky mess with our simple caramel apple bars recipe. These nutty treats are packed with brown sugar and smooth peanut butter. Best yet, they're a totally totable grab-and-go treat.

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    Malted Milk Ball Cookies

    Malted milk balls are a crunchy surprise in our quick and easy cookies. Plus, no one would ever guess their secret ingredient -- whole bran cereal!

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    Blueberry Slab Pie

    Add a decorative edge to the sturdy crust of this slab pie for a pretty potluck dessert. The blueberry filling has a simple sweet taste with a little bit of spice, and the sugary crumb topping pulls the dessert together.

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    Coffee and Cookie Brownies

    Coffee-lovers will swoon over this scrumptious chocolate treat! Chewy brownies are wedged between a flaky pastry crust and melted chocolate pieces in our coffee-infused bar.

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    Orange Cream-Pop Cupcakes

    Our tasty cupcakes are as cute as a frozen pop on a stick! Save some time by using cake and pudding mixes for your batter. Then go all out with our homemade orange and cream cheese frosting that's sure to make this treat the star of the potluck table.

    Editor's Tip: Bring these cupcakes in an insulated carrier, then take them out at dessert time, so the heat doesn't make the frosting go bad.

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    Oatmeal Cookies

    Cinnamon-laced and packed with brown sugary goodness, these classy cookies make a delicious dessert for any get-together. For some sweet variations, try our oatmeal-raisin or oatmeal-chocolate chip recipes.

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    Lemon-Lime Bars

    Try a fresh take on dessert with zesty lemon-lime bars. A light sprinkling of powdered sugar adds a little sweetness to these tart bars.

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    Fudge Brownie Surprise Cupcakes

    Fellow potluckers will love the added candy bar surprise in these brownies. To finish, top with a cherry -- because everything's cuter with a cherry on top!

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    Macaroon Chocolate Bars

    Toasted almonds, flaky coconut, and chocolate cookie sandwiches join together in this delish dessert that features warm chocolate sauce drizzled on each crumbly cookie bar!

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    Cappuccino-Caramel Oat Bars

    Let your teeth sink in to one of these delectable pecan-cappuccino bars. The sweet and creamy caramel will invite you in, while the hearty oats and bold espresso flavor will have you reaching for more!

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    Cherry-Crumble Pie Bars

    Feeling fruity? Try our Cherry-Crumble Pie Bars. Zesty lemon peel adds zing to this crumbly fruit bar, while almond extract and brown sugar add extra sweetness. You won’t be able to put them down!

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    German Chocolate Cookies

    Step aside, German chocolate cake. There's a lighter chocolaty treat in town. With flaky coconut and toasted pecans, these smart cookies get a nutritional boost from oatmeal and flaxseed. Best of all, they weigh in at fewer than 100 calories a serving.

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    Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookie Bars

    These fabulous potluck bars feature a hearty oats and brown sugar base, plus a mouthwatering butterscotch topping. Before the spread hardens, sprinkle with peanuts for some nutty crunch.  

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    Spiked Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

    Get the party started with spiked raspberry lemonade cupcakes! A splash of berry liqueur in a fresh, zesty lemon cake will be the highlight of your next get-together. The lemon and raspberry garnish is a pretty finishing touch.

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    Cookie Truffles

    We've turned your favorite Oreo cookie into a delicious white chocolate-covered truffle. It's a classy, creamy treat that's sure to stand out on the buffet table.

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    Make & Take Favorites

    This essential digital cookbook has 110 of our favorite recipes that are guaranteed to be popular at any get-together.

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    Caramel-Cashew Bars

    Relive the memory of biting into your favorite old-time candy bar. Creamy caramel and roasted peanuts on a delicious shortbread cookie take you back to the good old days. Sprinkle a few marshmallows over the crust before baking for chewy sweetness.

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    Fudgy Brownies

    Chocolate. What more could a dessert need? Rich chocolate and cream cheese frosting takes this nutty, fudge-filled brownie over the top.

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    White Chocolate Brownies

    Out with the old and in with the new. Our buttery white chocolate brownies, complete with crunchy macadamia nuts, are a delicious spin on the traditional brownie treat.

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    Blueberry-Swirl Cheesecake Bars

    A splash of orange juice gives these luscious blueberry cheesecake bars a citrus twist. Serve them as a dessert for brunch or as an early afternoon treat -- just make sure to keep them chilled if you're serving them outdoors.

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    Ranger Cookies

    Spend a picnic in the park with these scrumptious treats. Packed with mixed fruit bits and hearty oats, they're fewer than 75 calories per cookie.

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    Ultimate Bar Cookies

    Combine all of your favorite sweets into the ultimate cookie treat! Enjoy milk chocolate, crumbly brown sugar, and nutty goodness -- all in one delicious bite.

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