Fall Potluck Recipes Perfect for Cool-Weather Gatherings

Winter Woods Chili
Photo: Andy Lyons

When the weather is cooling down and the leaves are changing color we're all about hosting a fall potluck. Our roundup of potluck recipe ideas for fall features seasonal produce and flavors (hello, pumpkin and apples!) in cozy, comforting dishes. These delicious fall potluck foods will pair perfectly with your next tailgate, bonfire, or any autumn-themed potluck.

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Curried Cider-Pork Stew

Curried Cider-Pork Stew
Andy Lyons

Apple cider isn't just for sipping. This colorful, comforting fall potluck recipe combines the spiced juice with curry powder. It's the perfect balance of sweet and spice for the pot full of fresh apples, pork, and seasonal veggies.

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Tangy Molasses Barbecue Ribs

tangy molasses barbecue ribs
Blaine Moats

Cookouts and potlucks are pretty much synonymous in the summer. When it cools down, you can still enjoy the sweet, smoky flavor of ribs with the help of your trusty slow cooker. A combo of liquid smoke, smoked paprika, and our zingy homemade sauce on the ribs turn out some seriously finger-licking good fall potluck food.

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Chicken Florentine Artichoke Bake

Chicken Florentine Artichoke Bake
Sue Mitchell

A Parmesan cheese-bread crumb mixture tops this hearty fall potluck dish featuring bow tie pasta, chicken, artichokes, and Monterey Jack cheese. Crushed red pepper adds a touch of heat.

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Winter Woods Chili

Winter Woods Chili
Andy Lyons

For a hearty chili that's sure to satisfy the meat lovers in your family, try this fall potluck recipe featuring beef and bacon. Mix your classic cheddar topper with fresh oregano for a new twist on the game-day classic.

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Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork Sliders

Balsamic-Honey Pulled Pork Sliders
Jason Donnelly

This slow cooker fall potluck recipe makes a whopping 20 servings. Everyone is going to devour these little sammies made from boneless pork shoulder in a ridiculously tasty sweet and tangy homemade sauce.

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Kale, Fennel, and Roasted Delicata Salad

kale fennel roasted delicata salad
Jason Donnelly

If you haven't cooked delicata squash before, it's about to become your new favorite. The small winter squash has delicate (hence the name delicata) skin that gets tender enough to eat. Combined with leafy kale and crunchy fennel, it's a fall potluck recipe that's both healthy and delicious.

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Orange-Sage Sweet Potatoes with Bacon

Orange-Sage Sweet Potatoes Bacon
Jason Donnelly

For a fall potluck recipe that will steal the spotlight, look no further than these delicious sweet potatoes. Orange juice, brown sugar, and herbs give the seasonal produce a sweet, earthy flavor. The crumbled bacon takes your side dish to the next level.

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Hot Fennel Dip

hot fennel cheese dip
Sang An

Since fennel season starts in the early fall, this seemed like the perfect fall potluck recipe to share. The easy hot dip is reminiscent of hot artichoke dip, but with a mild anise flavor. Blue cheese and crisp-cooked bacon balance out every bite with a bit of saltiness, tang, and crunch.

Test Kitchen Tip: Not a fan of fennel? Try swapping it for shredded cabbage or cauliflower.

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Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Butternut Squash Mac Cheese
Andy Lyons

This cheesy mac starring seasonal squash might be one of our best potluck recipes for fall. Smoked Gruyère cheese is absolutely irresistible when blended with butternut squash into a creamy, rich sauce. Bacon is added to the mix to make every bite extra indulgent.

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Roasted Vegetables and Chickpeas

Roasted Vegetables and Chickpeas
Andy Lyons

This fall potluck recipe features a gorgeous blend of seasonal root veggies with a simple seasoning that is slightly sweet from brown sugar and herbal from dried rosemary. We added some chickpeas to the roasted veggies for a boost of plant-based protein and added texture.

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Plum Good Sausage and Meatballs

plum good sausage meatballs
Blaine Moats

Finger foods like meatballs are perfect for any get-together. For a fall potluck idea, we like slow-cooking meatballs and sausage into an easy sauce of plum jam and barbecue sauce. The results are sweet, tangy, and utterly irresistible.

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Lazy-Braised, Maple-Glazed Carrots

white platter with Lazy-Braised, Maple-Glazed Carrots
Blaine Moats

Crunched for time? This easy fall potluck dish is ready to tote in less than 3o minutes. Sliced carrots take on amazing flavor with the help of garlic, butter, herbs, orange, and maple syrup. Add a dash of cayenne for a bit of heat.

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Crumb-Topped Apple Slab Pie

crumb-topped apple slab pie
Karla Conrad

Instead of a small round apple pie, this fall potluck dessert recipe takes a whole baking pan. Enjoy the divine smell of baked apples and cinnamon filling your kitchen before sharing with family and friends.

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Autumn Pumpkin Bars

Autumn Pumpkin Bars
Jason Donnelly

You can't have a fall potluck party without something pumpkin flavor on the table. These pumpkin bars are a tried-and-true BH&G Test Kitchen recipe. Trust us, everyone will be coming back for a second bar.

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Cider Mulled Wine

cider mulled wine with apples and cinnamon
Brie Passano

This slow cooker cider is definitely going to warm everyone up at your fall potluck party. Use cheesecloth to bundle up cinnamon sticks, cloves, and allspice to infuse the cider-wine mixture for easy removal. Orange and apple slices add fresh flavor as well as a pretty garnish to your cup.

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