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Bacon and Egg Pasta
Savor the flavors of fall with these cozy dinner recipes, warm casseroles, and hearty fall soups. We even have a few dessert comfort food recipes to help satisfy your sweet tooth. These tasty and satisfying fall recipes feature in-season ingredients, and they're perfect for perking up chilly nights.

Cheesy Sausage Bread

One of the ultimate comfort food recipes, hearty sausage bread is made to be shared over a loaded fall table. The cheesy loaf seasoned with Italian herbs is best when pulled apart warm, so dig in!

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

In-season butternut squash is smashing alongside crispy bacon, caramelized onion, and creamy smoked Gruyere cheese. This twist on a traditional comfort meal has arrived!

Poutine Tarts

With french fries, tender beef, and melted cheese curds, our flaky poutine tart recipe is extra comforting. Each batch makes eight servings—perfect fall food for your next gathering.

Pork Sandwich with Tarragon-Apple Slaw

Fall-fresh apples brighten a crispy panko-breaded pork loin in this hearty autumn recipe. This easy comfort food shapes up in just over a half hour, so it's perfect for weeknight meals.

Spiced Pumpkin Bars

If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, these rich pumpkin bars are the perfect comfort food for you. To make them extra special, finish the bars with a dollop of luscious cream cheese frosting.

Maple-Kissed Cream of Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon-Cheddar Crostini

If a steaming bowl of fall soup is what you're after, try our maple-infused sweet potato soup recipe. Velvety spiced broth is topped with a cheesy crostini for extra comfort food cred.

Apple and Cheddar Penne Pie

Hands down, macaroni and cheese is the best comfort food. This grown-up version mixes crisp fall apples with all the gooey goodness of cheddar and cream cheese.

Editor's Tip: For a flashy fruit garnish, fan very thin apple slices on top of the pie halfway through baking. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with snipped fresh thyme.

Chile-Orange Short Ribs

Brighten chile-topped short ribs with clementine slices. This slow cooker autumn recipe smells great as it cooks while the flavors of ginger, leeks, star anise, and dry sherry infuse your short ribs with lush fall-inspired flavors.

Skillet Pot Roast with Cherries

Who knew a one-dish dinner could be so satisfying? Dark sweet cherries and balsamic vinegar add the perfect rich notes to beef pot roast in this easy fall recipe.

Oven-Fried Chicken

Crunchy outside and juicy inside, this delicious comfort food dinner packs the goodness of fried chicken into a more healthful baked rendition.

Editor's Tip: Replace the crushed-cornflake coating with Italian-seasoned bread crumbs for a flavor twist.

Chocolate Bread Pudding

When we think of comfort food desserts, warm, rich, gooey bread pudding comes to mind. This homey treat is sprinkled with chocolate and topped with an indulgent chocolate ganache, making it an extra-special treat.

Pork and Poblano Stew

Fall soups can chase away the chill, and this spicy fall meal is no exception. Pair this pork- and spice-filled stew with a citrus-topped green salad for contrast.

Editor's Tip: Make this stew up to three days before serving for a quick dinner solution.

Chicken Pot Pies

The best comfort food recipes are warm, creamy classics—just like these mini chicken pot pies. After just 10 minutes in the oven, the savory aroma of our classic chicken pot pie recipe will draw the whole family to the table.

Creamy Turkey Soup

No need to save turkey for the holidays. Thanks to fall soups, you can have a comforting turkey dinner whenever you want. This everyday-easy soup recipe slow-cooks turkey tenderloin, potatoes, mushrooms, milk, and spices into an ultrasatisfying supper.

Macaroni and Brie with Crab

This rich recipe represents comfort meals at their absolute best. Keep the comfort and add a little sophistication with a mac and cheese that calls on rich crabmeat and luscious Brie for its flavorful finish.

Peanut Butter-Swirl Chocolate Brownies

The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a comfort food favorite, especially when you're making fudgy brownies. The gorgeous swirls of peanut butter and chocolate make this recipe one of the tastiest and prettiest comfort foods around.

Shredded Pork Roast Sandwiches

Meat-lovers, this comfort recipe is perfect for you! Utilize your oven and a few hands-off hours to make this slow-cooked weeknight dinner. We'll walk you through the recipe, making it an even easier meal to prepare.

Red Beans and Rice with Squash

Give fall foods a Southern twist by infusing this Cajun classic with fall flavor. Butternut squash, or any other hard winter squash, gives it a deliciously sweet undertone.

Editor's Tip: Look for precut butternut squash at the grocery store to save on time.

Smoky Cheese and Potato Soup

Fall soups make great comfort food, especially when they're as cheesy and creamy as this recipe. Garlic mashed potatoes and smoked cheese are favorites on their own. Together they make a warm comfort food dinner.

Pumpkin-Black Bean Bake

Pumpkin puts a seasonal spin on classic tamale pie. Here, the fall staple combines with layers of rich ground beef, hearty veggies, and a down-home corn bread topper for a satisfying comfort meal.

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Apple pie is a classic autumn recipe, but we turned this classic into comfort food by adding salted caramel sauce. We won't blame you if you crave this comforting above-average dessert year-round.

Pork Roast with Eggplant and White Beans

Rubbed with rosemary and garlic, this pork roast is destined to become a classic autumn recipe. Eggplant, beans, and squash—spiced with sage and a hint of lemon—make a perfect seasonal side dish.

Chicken and Pumpkin Tagine Stew

Fill your home with the best warm, spicy aroma of fall foods with cloves, ginger, saffron, pumpkin, and chicken cooking on the stove. This traditional Moroccan stew bursts with fall flavors, including a touch of sweetness from honey and raisins.

Editor's Tip: Tagine is both the name of the stew and the name of the clay pot in which it is traditionally cooked.

Butternut Squash Lasagna

This vegetarian take on classic lasagna oozes with creamy sauce, tender butternut squash, and Parmesan cheese. Hot from the oven, this rich, cheesy delight satisfies any fall comfort food craving.

Turkey Shepherd's Pie

Put a fall twist on this classic comfort food by swapping in turkey alongside creamy mashed potatoes. Traditionally made with lamb, this shepherd's pie is also delicious when slow-cooked with turkey and frozen vegetables.

Apple-Spiked Monkey Bread

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger help make this apple-filled monkey bread into the best of fall foods. We won't tell if you decide to turn this comfort food recipe into a sweet breakfast treat instead of dessert. 

Chicken Noodle Soup

Nothing says comfort quite like chicken and noodles swimming in rich broth. This best comfort food recipe is perfect for curling up with on a chilly fall day.

Pappardelle with Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese

A robust noodle is key for this hearty fall comfort food. With sweet squash and sharp cheese, the rich sauce needs to be paired with a bold noodle.

Classic Chili

Rich, chunky, and filled with fabulous flavor, this traditional chili is a classic for a reason! Add an extra sprinkle of cheese and a spoonful of sour cream for a smooth finish to this autumn recipe.

Spicy Pasta with Sweet Potatoes

For a satisfying comfort food dinner, toss pasta with roasted sweet potatoes, cream cheese, and chili sauce.

Editor's Tip: Add broccoli florets or snap peas to the boiling pasta for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The vegetables add flavor, color, and crunch.

Brownie-Walnut Pie

Can't decide on dessert? Combine two comfort food favorites into one! This indulgent brownie pie is extra fudgy and delicious, especially when you add a drizzle of hot fudge on top.

Meat Loaf and Potatoes Club

Turn this comfort food favorite into a quick and easy sandwich! Stacks of meat loaf with spicy ketchup, crisp french fries, and melted American cheese make this hearty sandwich an instant hit.

One-Pot Spaghetti

You don't need all the pots and pans in your kitchen to make delicious comfort food recipes—one is all you need for this dish! A meaty sauce featuring beef and pork makes this hassle-free pasta recipe a family favorite.

Classic Pot Roast

Autumn food (and comfort food) just got a whole lot tastier. This exceptional pot roast recipe features tender melt-in-your-mouth beef and caramelized onions.

Chicken-Chile Stew with Beans

You won't go to bed hungry when you make this hearty autumn recipe. This regional dish's sweet-but-spicy flavor comes from a mix of chile peppers, butternut squash, and a touch of honey.

Bacon and Egg Pasta

Combine items you usually have in the fridge and pantry with bacon, fresh spinach, and a creamy cheese sauce for a delicious, quick, and easy dinner.

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