Delicious Citrus Recipes

Refreshing citrus fruits are at their very best during the winter months, and they add fresh flavor and bright color to any meal. We've rounded up 18 of our best in-season citrus recipes featuring oranges, lemons, and grapefruits.

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    Fresh Citrus & Cranberry Salad

    Try our fresh twist on basic mixed green salad. Ripe oranges balance the bold flavors of arugula, mint, and ginger for a truly delightful winter salad recipe.

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    Poached Salmon on Citrus Salad

    If you're struggling to eat healthy on busy weeknights, this citrus and salmon dish is a great fix. Pair with wonton strips for a little extra crunch.

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    Fennel & Orange Salad

    Brighten up any winter evening with this salad that's bursting with color and flavor. Sprinkle with fresh chives before serving.

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    Lemon-Butter Flank Steak

    Tender flank steak gets a double dose of bright flavor from a cilantro-lemon marinade and our homemade creamy lemon butter. A cabbage and bean sprouts salad rounds out the meal.

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    Persimmon, Blood Orange & Pomegranate Salad

    Sweet persimmons are native to China, but they're now grown all over the world. In this dish, they pair perfectly with juicy pomegranate seeds, in-season blood oranges, and mesclun lettuce.

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    Lemon-Ginger Chicken Thighs

    Lemon, ginger, honey, and chicken? Yes, please. This quick chicken dinner recipe tastes delicious topped with sliced green onion before serving.

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    Rustic Blood Orange Tart with Salted-Pecan Crust

    Bright blood orange slices nestle in a salty-sweet pecan crust for a tart that looks as good as it tastes. A topping of vanilla whipped cream and toasted pecans adds creamy sweetness and crunch.

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    Orange Farro Salad

    Farro is a good-for-you grain that's jam-packed with nutrients. It's perfect when paired with oranges, arugula, and salty kalamata olives in this simply irresistible salad.

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    Lemon-Basil Pasta

    Sometimes the simplest dishes are the most delicious. With only five ingredients, this vegetarian pasta dish is full of fresh flavor and easy to put together for a weeknight dinner.

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    Sesame Orange Beef

    Skip the takeout tonight and try this quick and healthy Asian-inspired meal that's loaded with sweet-and-sour flavor thanks to oranges and soy sauce. Your wallet -- and your diet -- will thank you.

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    Lemon-Dill Shrimp & Pasta

    Keep this 30-minute dinner recipe on hand and try it with shrimp or deli-roasted chicken -- it's irresistible both ways.

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    Broccolini with Peas & Seared Lemons

    Your family will enjoy eating their veggies with a warm salad featuring seared lemons and leafy greens. It's a great side dishes for large and small meals alike.

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    Lemon-Veggie Couscous

    Wholesome, delicious couscous teams up with fresh vegetables, zesty lemon, and roasted red sweet peppers in this hearty side dish recipe.

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    Shrimp with Peppered-Citrus Fruits

    Seafood-lovers, this might be your new favorite meal! It's easy to make and full of simple ingredients, including in-season clementines and whole peppercorns.

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    Citrus Salad

    Dijon mustard and fresh tarragon play off of the sweetness from the oranges, clementines, and grapefruit in this bibb lettuce salad that's perfect for dinner, and even better for brunch.

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    Lemon-Caper Tuna & Noodles with Alfredo

    Canned tuna isn't just for sandwiches and casseroles anymore. It's all grown up in this simple 5-ingredient pasta dish that features capers and creamy alfredo sauce.

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    Grapefruit-Watercress Supper Salad

    Think eating right has to be boring? Not with a light, refreshing dinner salad that's loaded with creamy avocado. And it's good for you, too!

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    Warm Citrus Fruit with Brown Sugar

    This naturally sweet dessert, starring grapefruit, oranges, and pineapple, makes a great addition at any get-together.

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