How to Make Bread & Butter Pickles

spoon pickles in jars
In his American Classics series, cooking guru Scott Peacock offers the inside scoop on making the ideal bread and butter pickles.

American Classics: Bread & Butter Pickles

Crisp, mildly sweet, and deliciously sour, perfect pickles invigorate and excite the palate. On the following slides, Scott Peacock offers insider tips on making the perfect pickles.

Select Stellar Pickling Cucumbers

"For best-tasting pickles, use unwaxed pickling cucumbers," says Scott. "Choose only those that are vibrant green, firm, and blemish-free."

Add the Right Salt

"Kosher or pickling salt is the best," says Scott. "Table salt can discolor the pickles and make the brine cloudy."

Chill & Weight

"The ice crisps the cucumber slices," says Scott. "The heavy plate presses out excess moisture, ensuring firm pickles."

Prepare the Syrup

"Make the pickling syrup while the cucumbers are on ice, allowing time for the spices to release their flavor into the liquid," says Scott.

Strain the Syrup

"I like to filter the syrup so there are no spices clinging to pickles," says Scott. To remove the spices, strain syrup through a sieve lined with a double layer of cheesecloth.

Heat Cucumbers & Pickling Syrup

"Bring just to boiling, stirring occasionally and taking care to cook the cucumbers as little as possible," says Scott.

Spoon Pickles in Jars

Fill sterilized jars with pickles then ladle hot syrup to cover. Use a damp cloth to wipe jar rims before sealing.

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