Set against a lush green garden backdrop, this traditional tablescape is gracious, elegant, and inviting.

By Lori Hellander; Photography by Marty Baldwin
June 09, 2015

Bring your best china, cutlery, and glassware outdoors for a tablescape that will impress your guests.

Here, a trio of blue-and-white dinnerware patterns are set atop a blue linen place mat and napkin. Set a small glass vase containing blue delphiniums and lilies-of-the-valley at each place setting. If your china is a color other than blue, choose linen and flower colors to match.)



This centerpiece is easy and creative. Begin by soaking a 6-inch-round ball of florist's foam in water. Cut a slice off one side of the ball so it will sit flat on a glass cake stand. Insert hydrangea, delphinium, and lily-of-the-valley into the foam ball until it is covered. If flower stems are weak, attach florist's picks (a wood skewer with a wire attached) before inserting. Finish by adding fern, lemon, or camellia leaves around the base of the ball.

Chair Decorations


Tie a small bouquet of hydrangeas to the back of each chair, using a strand of florist's wire. Decorate the chair back with a sash of ribbon as well.


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