Place Settings

Can't remember which side the napkin goes on? Use this guide to set the table.

Casual Family Meals

place setting 1

The knife and teaspoon go to the right of the dinner plate; the fork and napkin are placed to the left. The glass is above the knife. A soup spoon and a salad fork may be added (placed on respective sides in order of use); a cup and saucer may be placed to the right.

Informal Dinners or Luncheons

place setting 2

Arrange the knife and soup spoon to the right of the dinner plate; place dinner fork and salad fork to the left of the plate in order of use. Place dessert spoon and dessert fork above the plate, pointing left and right respectively. Arrange glasses and bread plate and bread knife as directed for formal sit-down meals, below.

Formal Sit-Down Meals

place setting 3

Place knife (blade edge in) next to plate. Then place spoons to the right of the knife in order of use from outside in. Place forks to the left of the plate in order of use from the outside in. Arrange glasses above the knife. Left to right, the water goblet is first, followed by wine glasses, placed large to small. Place bread plate above forks. A butter knife may be placed across the bread plate as shown. The salad plate is placed to the left of the forks, and the cup, saucer, and coffee spoon to the right of the setting. (For formal dinners these items are usually brought to the table when served.)


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