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Treat your friends to a football-theme menu of hearty snacks, appetizers, and drinks while you celebrate this wintertime game-day tradition. Our free quantity charts make it easy to have the right amount of food and drink on hand for your Super Bowl party. Plus, download our free party kit -- complete with printable decorations and fun party favor ideas!

A Party with Football and Fun

Watching the Super Bowl is only half the fun. Lure friends and family with a comfortable venue to watch the big game, and celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with good company and conversation. Pump up the festivities with football-theme decorations and kick off your game-day menu with the delicious appetizers, desserts, and fresh beverages that follow.

Football Party Decorations

Create football fever without disrupting your home's decor. String mini pennants along a mantel or bookshelf for a quick and easy garland. Choose only the competing teams or celebrate the entire league. Strategically place footballs, mini helmets, paper team logos, or other football-theme accessories on the food table or around the party area.


Editor's Tip: Party supply stores, such as Party City, are a good resource for inexpensive football decorations like the ones shown.

DIY Jersey Coasters

With the drinks and camaraderie flowing, it's not hard to lose your beverage. Sip in style with homemade jersey coasters. Choose colors that represent both teams (fair play, people), then stamp each with a popular player's number to help you keep track. Here's what you'll need:

- store-bought corkboard coasters

- white cardstock paper

- rubber cement

- numbered stamps

- permanent paint


Once you have your materials, simply trace, cut, paste, and paint. Make sure you let the coasters dry completely before using. 

Football Party Buffet Decor

Set an all-star table using our party kit to create football banners and foam fingers, plus signage for the drink recipes below!

Super Party Bingo

Keep fans on the edges of their seats all party long with homemade bingo cards. The rules are easy-peasy: Watch the Super Bowl (and the commercials) for appearances of the numbers and symbols on your card. Use pistachios or other fun party nuts as markers. The first person to fill a row wins. (Design by Studio DIY)

Penalty Flag Party Favors

The only penalty at this party is if you forget to take home a favor! Start with colorful tissue paper or thick party napkins, then wrap and fill with fun take-home goodies like cinnamon-roasted nuts or chocolate-covered raisins. A rubber band or twist-tie keeps the treats in place. 

Mixed Nuts with a Punch

Encourage guests to mingle from the TV room to the kitchen and in between by setting out snacks that can be eaten by the fistful. Sweet spices drive the flavor in this nut mixture that makes a bowl of pretzels feel incomplete.


Editor's Tip: Pour the crunchy, salty-and-sweet snack into paper cones for mess-free single servings that look more sophisticated than a generic snack bowl.

DIY Food Cards

Help guests make the right (food) play with homemade table cards. Download our FREE party kit for the cute, printable cards. Who knew a Super Bowl bash could be so fancy?

Flagged Mexican Layer Dip

Dip your way to deliciousness with individual plastic tumblers of layered Mexican goodness. The seven-layer starter calls for bean dip, creamy guac, silky sour cream, and a host of partyworthy toppings. A mini toothpick flag sends them off in style. Just don't forget the tortilla chips!

Extra-Point Popcorn

Who can resist popcorn during the game? Chili powder heats up this spicy version of popcorn for a zippy twist on the classic stadium snack.

Winning Snack Mix

Snack mix is a crowd favorite at any gathering. Hot pepper sauce gives pita chips, cereals, and nuts an energetic boost in this recipe.


Editor's Tip: Raise the convenience level of this easy, traditional snack by serving it in individual helpings. Use martini glasses, ice cream sundae cups, or cozy ceramic mugs, depending on your party's style, to make the snack mix ready to travel from table to TV room.

Fan-Favorite Cheese and Crackers

Brie cheese takes the football snack table up a tasty notch. Tossed it onto the grill -- it's easy to prepare and wins points for presentation.


Editor's Tip: If the weather outside resembles Lambeau Field in January, try preparing grilled recipes using an indoor grill option: a folding contact grill (similar to an electric panini maker), a grill pan (essentially a frying pan with parallel ridges on the bottom used on the stove top), or an open grill (an electric grill with a ribbed grilling surface).

Time-Out Pizzas

Instead of bringing in the second-string pizza deliveryman, delight your football fans with these upscale bite-size pizzas made from frozen bread dough and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Spicy Wings Blitz

Buffalo wings are always a fan-pleaser when football is in season. Trade the tried-and-true BBQ version for this fiery, hot pepper wing recipe that no one will want to pass.

Scoring Sliders

Burgers are often in the starting lineup at football parties and tailgates. Bite-size sliders make perfect portions to mingle with other appetizers on your Super Bowl buffet, and these cheese-stuffed sausage patties are a delicious alternative to traditional ground beef.


Editor's Tip: Pennant-topped toothpicks are a playful way to embellish the buffet table.

Kicky Chicken

Run a trick play on the traditional game-day wings that will have your football fans cheering. These low-cal chicken nuggets -- breaded in panko crumbs and dipped in a cool cilantro-ranch dressing -- are a delicious variation on the favorite football snack.

Tailgate-Style Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a buffet-table staple, no matter the party occasion. This hearty salami-layered recipe brings tailgate flavor to your Super Bowl party when prepared on the grill.

Beer Fan Cocktails

Offer a twist on beer for guests who like to try something new. This fruity cocktail builds on classic wheat beer by adding a tropical twist.


Nonalcoholic Drink Option Play

This tangy beverage -- kicked up with a jalapeno chile pepper -- is a perfect complement to Mexican appetizers and other spicy nibbles on your Super Bowl spread. It offers a festive option for party guests who choose nonalcoholic drinks.

Bowl-Ready Brownies

Earn the trophy for Most Spirit with these sporty brownies. Simply use a football-shape cookie cutter to carve these winning treats from a tray of brownies, then pipe on the frosting.

Touchdown Cheesecake Bites

When a sweet tooth strikes your football fans, be prepared with mini desserts that offer something for everyone. These bite-size cheesecakes are a scrumptious favorite you can eat without a fork.

Frozen End-Zone Treats

These ice cream bars will delight fans of all ages on game day. Since you'll want to keep them frozen, bring them out at halftime when everyone is buzzing around the food table.

Championship Pineapple Cake

Bring on that energy spike for the second half when you add this delicious cake to the food spread. It's a winner at any football party.

Frosted Football Cake

When it comes to winning desserts for your Super Bowl party, this one takes the cake. Deck your choice of cake -- vanilla, chocolate, marble, or pumpkin -- in a lush heap of green and white frosting to mimic a football field. Use a pastry bag with a ridged tip to create the grass and a smaller round tip for the numbers and lines. Chocolate frosting takes the 50 yard line in the form of a cute mini football.


Appetizer and Beverage Quantity Charts

Frenzied football fans can work up quite an appetite. How much food and drinks will you need at your Super Bowl party? Use our free quantity checklists for quick reference.


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