Healthy Potluck Recipes

Edamame-Avocado Dip
Enjoy a feast without all the work by hosting a potluck! Simply have each guest bring a dish to the table to offer a spread of delicious variety. Whether it's a simple supper with neighbors or a large office luncheon, these tasty, healthy recipes can be part of your next potluck.

Oven-Barbecued Chicken

A homemade barbecue sauce makes this summer potluck staple a hit, but the true secret to this to-die-for recipe's success? The chicken is cooked in the oven, saving calories and adding ease to this healthy chicken recipe.

Italian Parmesan Pretzels

Golden and puffy, this mall-favorite snack -- brushed with butter and sprinkled in Parm -- doubles as an equally delicious potluck treat. Tote a batch of our fiber-containing, whole wheat version to your next gathering.

Summerberry Cooler

A carton of market-fresh berries joins icy apple juice and fizzy lemon-lime soda for a sipper that's both refreshing and low-cal. Be sure to pierce the berries before mixing to extract all of the naturally sweet juices.

Chocolate-Dipped and Nut-Stuffed Apricots

If it's dipped in chocolate, it's got to be good! Make a batch of hazelnut- and pistachio-stuffed apricots, then drape the dried fruit in both white and dark chocolates for a sweet ending to your potluck.

Cucumber-Radish Slaw

Cucumbers are crisp, cool, and totally ideal for summer slaws. Use the fresh garden veggie as a base alongside pink radishes and red peppers for a light and tangy side that's bursting with vitamins.

No sour lemons here! We show you how to make lemonade, turning it from a roadside-stand treat to a refreshing anytime drink.

How to Make Lemonade: Our Perfect Formula

Nothing says summer quite like the sweet taste of lemonade. Watch how to make this potluck favorite without a mix!

Orange-Mango Agua Fresca

Refresh your taste buds with a sunny glass of agua fresca. Aside from a sweet squeeze of honey, the summer drink features only fresh fruits and juices, so you know you're getting the good stuff.

Editor's Tip: Serve this chilly drink with multicolor straws to help guests keep track of their glasses.

Shredded Pork Roast Sandwiches

Be the star of your next potluck with melt-in-your-mouth-tender pulled pork sandwiches. Lightly seasoned and layered with shredded cabbage, these braised pork sandwiches are surprisingly healthy: just 295 calories per serving!

Summer Rolls

Add global goodness to your potluck table with a plate of fresh, Asian-inspired summer rolls. The 80-calorie appetizers are overflowing with garlic shrimp, lime-tossed noodles, and crisp garden veggies. Dunk in homemade soy-ginger sauce for a savory finish.


Editor's Tip: To make these summer rolls gluten-free, use tamari in place of soy sauce. Check the label to ensure the tamari is gluten-free.

Banana Bars with Butter-Rum Frosting

Partygoers will go bananas over the rum-laden frosting smeared atop these gooey, potassium-packed banana bars. Plus, at only 100 calories a bar, you don't have to feel guity about indulging.

Oven-Fried Chicken

Crispy on the outside and oh, so tender on the inside, these oven-fried drumsticks can't be beat. The best part? They're under 300 calories per serving!

Middle Eastern Fresh Fava Bean Salad

Add some color to your potluck spread with bright fava beans! Paired with cucumbers, tomatoes, and a lemon-garlic dressing, this unique salad is bursting with fiber and protein for a healthy potluck recipe.

Honeydew-Basil Nojitos

This lip-puckering mocktail features pureed honeydew melon, fresh basil leaves, and a squeeze of lime juice for just 70 calories a cup.

Salted Peanut Bars

What makes these yummy caramel-peanut bars so incredibly potluck-worthy? They can easily be made ahead, and one recipe makes a whopping 48 bars -- perfect for sharing with a crowd!

Hot Chicken Salad Casserole

Next time it's your turn to bring a main dish, go for comfort food! This hearty chicken casserole is packed with veggies and topped with an almond-cornflake crust. With 29 grams of protein per serving, it's the perfect potluck main!

Black-Eyed Pea Salad

More colors mean more nutrients, and this Southern-inspired salad is brimming with a rainbow of fresh hues. Grab a Mason jar and shake up your own tangy dressing for this high-protien bean salad using oil, vinegar, tart lemon, and Dijon.

Corn Cups

With a few Mexican ingredients, this recipe transforms delicious fresh sweet corn into an indulgent, must-try side dish. Inspired by traditional Mexican esquites (toasted corn) this low-cal side is a unique potluck offering. Double the recipe for a larger group.

French Chopped Salad

Bring a healthy potluck side dish that's full of flavor and nutrition. Colorful veggies, olives, and hard-cooked eggs make up this quick dish, while a sweet-and-tangy homemade tarragon vinaigrette ties it all together.

Chocolate, Coconut, and Almond Bars

If gooey, chocolaty, and nutty are words that describe your perfect dessert, here's your recipe! These easy, no-bake bars take only 20 minutes of prep. Then just let them stand to set up, slice, and eat.

Fresh Vegetable Chips

Wow potluck guests by bringing a special DIY treat to your next get-together: homemade veggie chips! Jicama, daikon (a white Asian turnip), and radishes make crunchy chips that are ready in just 30 minutes. Serve them with our Caramelized Onion Dip.

Summer Vegetable Potato Salad

At just 163 calories per serving, this is a quick potluck side you can afford to love. A homemade vinaigrette and fresh veggies turn this potato salad into a healthy summer option -- just top with feta cheese and you're ready to serve!

The Porcupine

Spice up your summer drinks with aromatic herbs such as fresh rosemary. Here, its subtle earthy flavor complements the sweetness of the pineapple and sparkling white wine in this tasty drink recipe.

Grilled Vegetable Platter

Here's a standout vegetable recipe perfect for any potluck. All this five-vegetable medley needs is quick grilling and a toss with our lemon-garlic sauce, and it's ready to go.

Strawberry Cheesecake Tartlets

Stick these bite-size cheesecake cookies at the tail end of the buffet line to keep them from disappearing too quickly. Filled with yummy strawberry preserves and topped with fresh berries and almonds, they're a delicious summer treat.

Quick Fruit Salsa

Brighten any potluck spread with a healthy fruit salsa recipe. Cucumber, avocado, and fresh basil combine with kiwifruit, lime juice, and a sprinkle of chili powder to make a light and easy salsa that's great with chips or on top of hot dogs.

Heart-Healthy Cheesy Potatoes

Light ingredients make this typically fat-laden dish a delicious option for your heart-healthy potluck menu. Indulge in this rich, cheesy recipe -- it has only 3 grams of fat per serving!

Creamy Cabbage and Fennel Coleslaw

You can't have a potluck without coleslaw! Try our cabbage-and-fennel variation with a creamy buttermilk dressing.

White Strawberry Sangria

One of our reader favorites, this fresh take on sangria combines strawberry schnapps and white wine to create a crisp, sweet drink that's perfect to share. Add sliced fresh strawberries for an extra burst of fruity flavor and color.

Greek Pasta Salad

Mix up this Mediterranean-inspired pasta salad in advance so it'll be ready to go when you are. Fresh, seasonal veggies add a satisfying crunch when paired with penne pasta and crumbled feta cheese.

Aztec Chocolate Popcorn

Our chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn with pumpkin seeds is a triple threat: easy to make, just 127 calories per serving, and filled with unexpected flavors such as espresso powder, chile pepper, and cinnamon. Even better: It can be stored for up to a week, proving it's the perfect make-ahead treat.

Corn Salad with Queso Fresco

Chilled and spiced to perfection, this simple side dish is great alongside any potluck mainstay. Fresh corn combines with queso fresco, sweet pepper, red onion, and chile pepper.

Layered Vegetable-Romano Torte

Looking to impress at your next potluck? This eye-catching vegetable dish features colorful layers of veggies separated by rich and tangy Romano cheese, making both a beautiful presentation and an irresistible taste.

Creamy Chicken-Broccoli Bake

This creamy chicken casserole will be your go-to recipe every time you sign your name under "main dish." Whether it's a company celebration or a family get-together, this hot dish is sure to have your friends begging for the recipe.

Edamame-Avocado Dip

This simple and quick dip is one of our best-loved recipes! Avocado and edamame are seasoned with basil pesto and lemon juice for an impressive potluck dish that's both healthful and incredibly delicious.

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