Elegant Dinner Party Buffet

From appetizers to desserts, these Christmas dinner recipes will help you create a holiday spread with something for everyone.

Herbed Prime Rib with Two Sauces

Mouthwatering prime rib absorbs wonderful flavors from a rub made of espresso powder, mustard, garlic, and onion powder. Served with a Merlot au jus and horseradish sauces, this main-dish meat will be the star of the table.

Creamy Artichoke Lasagna

Layered with artichokes, three cheeses, garlic, and fresh basil, this meatless lasagna will be a hit with even the biggest of carnivores. Frozen or canned artichokes can be used in place of fresh to trim prep and cook time.

Chicken Lasagna Rolls with Chive-Cream Sauce

No leftover chicken in the fridge? Keep prep time to a minimum by using purchased deli-roasted chicken. Or, if you have the time, poach 8 ounces of chicken in 1½ cups water to get 1½ cups cooked chicken.

Simple Stromboli

Impress guests with a savory, stuffed bread that utilizes refrigerated dough for simplicity. If you’re a party planner extraordinaire, cook this meal up to a month in advance and store in the freezer

Prosciutto-Stuffed Chicken Bake

Sherry, prosciutto, and panko add a wow factor to this classic chicken bake. Top with a light sprinkling of green onion or Italian flat-leaf parsley for a fresh garnish.

Honey-Glazed Pork Roast

Don’t sweat the rib work for this pork roast. Ask your butcher to remove the ribs and tie them back on, which makes for easier eating and an interesting visual, especially with fresh herbs tucked into the strings.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and cheese is perfect finger food for holiday guests. Ask at the deli counter for thinly sliced provolone if you can’t find thin slices in the dairy aisles.

Pear & Goat Cheese Bread Tart

With its chewy bread base and fruit-cheese topper, this luscious tart is ideal to serve between the main course and dessert in place of the traditional cheese course.

Bacon- & Cheese-Stuffed Dates

Get a head start on holiday hosting duties with make-ahead appetizers. Stuff sweet dates with a creamy bacon filling the night before your gathering and simply bake 5 to 8 minutes before party time.

Parmesan Rosettes

Dress up purchased refrigerated breadsticks with Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, and garlic for a 30-minute dinner roll that looks (and tastes) like you spent hours preparing.

Flaky Cheddar Biscuits

In the unlikely event there are leftovers of these too-good-to-be-true biscuits, use them for breakfast sandwiches stuffed with bacon, eggs, or thick-cut ham.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

This classic quick bread gets a modern update in the form of a dark chocolate drizzle. Serve it with brunch, dinner, or dessert -- it’s scrumptious in any course.

Spicy Sweet Potato Rolls

Flavors of coconut, ginger, and sweet potato will forever change expectations of how a dinner roll should taste. Finished with a schmear of cinnamon butter, these rolls are downright decadent.

Asparagus in Mustard-Dill Sauce

Asparagus is a holiday classic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz it up. Tossed in a mustard-dill sauce and topped with Parmesan, asparagus has never been so festive.

Caesar Salad with Parmesan Croutons

Made-from-scratch dressing and homemade croutons are simple to make and give this always-favorite salad a special, traditional touch nothing from a bottle or box can match. Make this salad into a full meal by topping with chicken, salmon, or shrimp.

Rustic Garlic Mashed Potatoes

No holiday table is complete without mashed potatoes. This traditional garlic version can be made ahead and held in the slow cooker for up to 2 hours.

Make mashed potatoes from scratch -- the creamy results are a special side dish for any dinner. See how our Test Kitchen experts make their mashed potatoes using two types of potatoes and a surprisingly simple process.

How to Mash Potatoes

Two types of potatoes are the key to great mashed potatoes. We'll show you the secret tool you'll want for mashing in this 1-minute video.

Beet Salad with Goat Cheese & Walnuts

If your guests don't care for the flavor of goat cheese, simply swap in feta or smoked provolone. Either pairs nicely with the tangy beets and fresh greens in this 15-minute salad.

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

This so-simple side dish has turned even proclaimed Brussels sprouts haters into fans. Serve with lemon wedges for an extra citrus kick.

Herbed Yukon Gold & Sweet Potato Gratin

For thin, uniform slices of potato to layer in this flavorful gratin, a mandoline is the perfect tool. If you don’t have a mandoline or cheflike knife skills, add 5 to 10 minutes to the bake time to account for thicker potato slices.

Cranberry-Chocolate Cheesecake

Plain cheesecake filling is swirled with a chocolate-cranberry mixture to give this luscious cheesecake a stunning look. A sprinkling of sugared cranberries gives a final festive flourish.

Raspberry French Silk Pie Bars

Gooey raspberry ganache adds silky richness to decadent double-chocolate brownies. Fresh raspberries add striking contrast and freshness.

Lemon Curd Tassies

Spooning sunshiny, sweet-tart lemon curd into delicious pastry cups will put a smile on your face as you prepare these small sweets. Homemade lemon curd has a silky richness that can’t be matched, but purchased lemon curd will work in a pinch.

Cream Cheese Marbled Brownies

Guests will swoon over these pecan-studded, fudgy brownies. A cream cheese swirl adds another layer of decadence and a touch of beauty.

Bittersweet Truffle Tart

A hint of strawberry flavor adds an unexpected twist to this chocolaty dessert. The cocoa-flavor crust is topped with a layer of chocolate and almond-laced mascarpone.

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