Rustic and charming, this country tableau uses natural and botanical treasures as its inspiration.


Use a pretty floral china pattern as your inspiration for a garden- and nature-themed table setting. Mix vintage dinnerware patterns like ours, and tuck in cotton napkins as an added burst of color.

Cover your table with a homespun runner of linen or muslin. Or photocopy pages from a book of botanicals or old gardening book, and use these as place mats. (Tip: If you'd like to reuse the mats, have them copied and laminated at a copy center.)

We've topped our dishes with a faux bird's nest from a craft store. Inside, candy in the shape of tiny bird's eggs makes a sweet and edible decoration.



Fit a glass or plastic bowl into an old wooden garden trug and fill with water before adding a mix of greenery, full-blown garden roses, and sprigs of astilbe. (Tip: If necessary, use a floral frog or a block of soaked floral foam to hold your arrangement.)

Make Botanical Notebooks

  1. These botanical notebooks can be used as party decorations or guest favors. Begin by cutting a long strip of floral-pattern paper the width of a scallop-edge card.
  2. Accordion-fold the strip to fit inside the card. Score down the length of the card front 1/2 inch in from the left side.
  3. Place the folded strip between the card front and back; punch two holes through all the layers at the left side.
  4. Thread ribbon through the holes; tie closed.
  5. Glue the end folds of the floral paper to the inside of the card front and back.
  6. Attach small glassine envelopes to the pages, add seeds, and label each page.


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