20+ Next-Level Buffet-Style Party Recipes

Baked potato bar
It's no secret that the trick to any successful party lies in the buffet. And you know what that means: easy-to-serve appetizers, big-batch cocktails, and the cutest serving ideas you could ever imagine. Check out our ideas for pulling off your best buffet-style spread.

Heat Up Classic Hot Wings

There's no denying the party power of chicken wings. They come in loads of different flavors, are delightfully messy, and basically invented the term "finger food." Make a spread of multiple recipes up to a week before your event, and store them in the fridge until go time.

Yogurt Bar

A big batch of homemade yogurt serves as a refreshing take on buffet-style appetizers (and it's perfect for hosting brunches, too!). Simply set out the yogurt with a variety of mix-ins to choose from. Our suggestions: granola, toasted coconut, pistachios, maple syrup, honey, and fresh and dried fruits.

Italian Dip Platter

Get your party under way with a warm and cozy pairing of irresistible dips. The hot, baked caprese-inspired antipasti is the perfect ooey-gooey counterpart to our baba ghanoush-esque eggplant dip. Set out with slices of French bread or focaccia.

Cocktail Platter

Serve drinks to your crowd with a couple bottles of champagne and a handful of drink formulas -- guests will love mixing their own! We like making mimosas with a variety of juices, including Key lime-mango, mint limeade, and grapefruit juice.

Stuffed Baked Mushrooms

What's a buffet table without stuffed mushrooms? Try our varieties of the classic party appetizer at your next shindig: We offer 10 options for combinations like roast beef with blue cheese, turkey with cranberry relish, and hummus with olives.

Calypso Shrimp Skewers

It's not the adorable displays that make these shrimp skewers a standout party recipe (although we swoon over the individual servings). It's the peanut-coconut breading and prosciutto wrapped around each shrimp that truly makes them shine. Serve with our lime-infused creme fraiche dipping sauce.

Little Hazelnut-Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

A cake stand is the perfect display to showcase your scrumptious-looking sweets. Our hazelnut-chocolate cookie sandwiches bring you the classic flavor duo in each bite, plus they're an eye-catching way to amp up any dessert buffet.

Cheese Plate

Collect a few varieties of your favorite artisanal cheeses and build a display of nibbles for your guests to enjoy. Don't forget to set out some fruit and our Parmesan-Thyme Crisps on your buffet table to serve alongside the cheese.

Learn the tips and tricks for assembling a cheese tray, including what to put on it and how to arrange it.

The Top Tip for a Great Cheese Tray

Stumped on which cheese to select for your tray? Watch our 30-second video to learn how to choose three great options for your presentation.

Fresh Veggie and Antipasto Platter

Fill a charcuterie plate with store-bought niblets for an I-can't-believe-it's-so-easy buffet recipe. If you need inspiration for what to buy, we love offering a variety of veggies, meats, and cheeses with a homemade chutney.

Cream Cheese Marble Brownies

Take rich, fudgy brownies to the next level with a sinful swirl of cream cheese and a sprinkling of pecans. Bonus: You can serve the treats right from the pan! Just cut before guests arrive and provide a serving utensil.

Zesty Popcorn Mix

Forget store-bought party mixes. Our savory snack is spiced with a simple blend of chili powder, cumin, and cayenne powder. A variety of chips, pretzels, nuts, and sweet dried apricots deliciously take on the spicy flavors.

Watermelon-Mint Cooler

Oversize drink holders let guests fill their glasses on their own, easing your job as party host. Our watermelon cooler is a vibrant party sipper -- just pour into a jug, provide glasses, and keep them chilled in a large ice-filled cooler.

Seafood Bruschetta

We love serving bruschetta at our buffet table, and this seafood version is a scrumptious way to mix up the classic appetizer. Freshly cooked crab, succulent shrimp, and tomatoes combine to create the topping to our salty crostini.

Zesty Fajita Bites

Liven up your version of adorable individual wraps with our recipe for feisty fajita bites: Lime-zested chicken, colorful peppers, and spicy salsa add a kick to the buffet-style recipe.

Corn Cups

Turn individual-size cups of fresh sweet corn into a south-of-the-border affair with Mexican crema, queso fresco, and chile pepper. Inspired by traditional Mexican esquites (toasted corn), this buffet offering can easily be doubled for a larger group.

Create a sophisticated look for your holiday party food table with these easy ideas for what to serve. Hint: You don't have to make everything from scratch!

Buffet Party Food Ideas

Pull together an elegant party buffet table with our easy serving ideas. Hint: You don't have to make everything from scratch!

Party Potatoes with Creamy Aioli

One of the best ways to simplify serving a crowd is to whip out your slow cooker. Let new potatoes simmer with onion, garlic, and paprika until it's time to serve -- our cool dill aioli is the perfect pairing for the potato side dish.

Roasted Tomato Tart

Try our tomato-topped tarts the next time you need a light and refreshing appetizer. Not only are they easy to slice up to serve a crowd, but the beautiful party bites can be made in advance, too.

Gooey Butter Bars

Our ooey-gooey, melt-in-your-mouth butter bars are guaranteed to be a buffet table win. Just set out with the ginger-honey berry topping on the side, and watch them disappear.

Warm Brie with Fig and Pistachio Tapenade

Although our fig-and-pistachio-topped baked Brie is an appetizer masterpiece in itself, it's truly the dippers that make this buffet-style party recipe a fan favorite. Offering a selection of various crackers, breads, and fruits lets each of your guests customize the cheese based on their preferences.

Bacon and Cheese Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs is a buffet-style recipe that pulls double duty for both morning and evening menus. Make the bacon-topped noshes in no time by starting with hard-cooked eggs from the store.

Baked Potatoes

A serve-yourself baked potato bar is an easy and affordable way to add a creative spin to a classic buffet. Offer baked russet or Idaho potatoes and an array of toppings to choose from. Melted cheese, ham, sour cream, bacon, veggies, and avocados are all great options.

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