When Nashville stylist Ruthie Lindsey invites friends for dinner, it's a potluck of creativity. Get the recipes for her refreshing, Southern-inspired food, then print her place card menu for your own girls' night.


These deviled eggs look super fancy, but that eye-catching pink exterior needs just a 10-15 minute stand in beet juice. We garnished with microgreens to dress up the eggs even more, but a sprinkling of salt is really all you need.

Grilled Feta-Brined Chicken

Brining chicken pieces overnight in a feta and herb mixture gives this chicken thigh recipe a huge boost of flavor. Serve with additional feta cheese, because there's always room for more cheese.

Garbanzo Bean and Parsley Salad

This bean salad is perfect for alfresco dining since there's nothing that needs to be kept refrigerated. A lemon juice marinade lends fresh, citrusy flavor to toasted garbanzo beans and celery.

Grilled Romaine Salad with Piquillo Pepper Dressing

Talk about a simple side dish recipe! You need only 5 ingredients to pull this grilled recipe together. The creamy dressing gets its unique color from piquillo peppers (or bottled roasted red peppers to keep things extra easy), and the romaine wedges need only a minute or two on the grill. 

Download and print Ruthie's pretty place card menu for your next dinner party.

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