Olive Varieties

These are just a few of the 75 different varieties of olives.

It used to be an olive was green or black. Now there are more than 75 varieties. Here's a sampling:

  • Nyon: black, dry-roasted, tender, slightly bitter.
  • Niçoise: black, brine-cured, fruity, juicy but not oily.
  • Arbequina: green, brine-cured, slightly bitter.
  • Picholine: green, brine-cured, meaty, crunchy, slightly citrusy.
  • Thasos: black, somewhat dry, salt-cured, mellow, woodsy flavor.
  • Cerignola: green, huge, brine-cured, mild, lemon-apple flavor.
  • Kalamata: greenish black, brine-cured, pungent, lingering flavor.


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