Homemade Nachos Perfect for Game Day

Chocolate Nachos
You don't need to pray for a Hail Mary pass to win your football party. Nacho recipes with all the fixins' -- as well as new twists on the classic party recipe, like egg roll nachos -- are guaranteed to be the MVP of any tailgate spread.

Triple-Pepper Nachos

Three different pepper varieties add spice -- not calories -- to these nachos. One serving has only 201 calories, so you can indulge guilt-free. 

Loaded Nachos

Go all out with these loaded nachos. Three different cheeses -- and a host of toppings -- make this snack a fan favorite. 

Classic Nachos

The base of these crowd-pleasing nachos calls for only five ingredients -- the rest is up to you. Set up a bar where guests can choose their favorite fixings -- like thinly sliced green onion, fresh cilantro, sour cream, or salsa -- between plays. 

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Egg Roll Nachos

Individually rolling egg rolls is time consuming. Serve inside-out egg rolls instead with these Asian-inspired nachos. Ground pork, cabbage, and ginger top fried wonton wrappers for a spicy-sweet snack.

Nacho Potato Skins

Our two favorite snack foods just met. These bite-size apps combine the crisp bite of potato skins with ooey-gooey cheese.

Gyro Nachos

Pull out your slow cooker for these gyro nachos. Shredded chicken tops pita chips, which are then smothered in a fresh tzatziki sauce. 

Mediterranean Nachos

Your favorite Mediterranean flavors are reimagined in these fusion nachos. Artichokes, olives, hummus, and feta cheese dress up plain tortilla chips. 

Beef Nachos

This hearty snack is sure to keep guests full -- even if the game goes into overtime. Each serving clocks in at 29 grams of protein, thanks to ground beef and kidney beans.

Tequila Shrimp Nachos

A booze-infused party snack? Yes, please! Shrimp marinates in a mixture of cumin, orange juice, tequila, and ground ancho chile pepper before being grilled. Serve on a bed of fresh heirloom tomatoes.   

Cauliflower Samosa Nachos

Trick guests into thinking you slaved in the kitchen for hours with these impressive Indian-inspired nachos. Baking refrigerated piecrust into chips cuts down on prep time, meaning this dish is ready to serve in only 35 minutes. 

Bite-Size Avocado-Shrimp Nachos

Football food can be really calorie dense (we're looking at you, spinach-artichoke dip!). Serve up some lighter fare with these nachos. Avocado, tomato, and shrimp bring fresh flavor to plain tortilla chips.  

No-cook nacho cups are an incredibly simple snack that satisfies your need for a salty treat. Easy to make for yourself or in big-batches, they're a go-to snack recipe you should save for later.

No-Cook Mini Nacho Cups

No one wants to be in the kitchen during the big game. These no-bake nacho cups take only a few minutes to make, and their single-serving size means less mess. 

You-Choose Nachos

This simple recipe works well with any protein. Add chicken or beef, or go meatless with beans.

No-Guilt Nachos

Save room for those football-shape brownies you've been eyeing. These nachos load up on veggies and fresh salsa for a lighter game-day snack. 

Chocolate Nachos

These sweet dessert nachos can be whipped up during halftime -- they only take 35 minutes to make. Serve warm if you like gooey chocolate, or wait 10 to 15 minutes for a firmer set. 

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