Deviled Egg Recipes

Pink Deviled Eggs
Only one thing makes the perfect party appetizer, Easter brunch addition, and picnic side: deviled eggs! Try our creative and delicious fillings for your favorite hard-boiled snack. Our deviled egg recipes include Greek-inspired, smoked salmon, and more.

Bacon and Cheese Deviled Eggs

Spice up your deviled eggs with a go-to fan favorite: bacon! To prep these eggs in no time, start with hard-cooked eggs from the supermarket deli.

Sriracha Deviled Eggs

So spicy, so good. A hot sriracha-and-curry filling means deviled eggs will never be boring again.

Greek-Style Deviled Eggs

This Greek-inspired version of the classic brunch recipe will convert even the biggest deviled-eggs skeptics. Chopped Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and oregano bring the flavor transformation.

Sweet Potato Deviled Eggs

Rock the potluck with these Mexican-inspired deviled eggs. We've kept everything you love but added fresh mix-ins like jalapeno peppers, sweet potato, and Mexican crema.

Ranch Deviled Eggs

Want a healthier version of this classic recipe? Look no further. The secret to our ranch-infused deviled eggs lies in the low-fat (and protein-rich!) Greek yogurt in the filling.

Mexican-Style Deviled Eggs

Mexican-style sour cream, avocado, and cilantro put a fresh spin on classic deviled-egg filling, while fresh jalapeno chile pepper brings a kick of heat. If desired, top with additional cilantro and avocado.

Beet-Dyed Deviled Eggs

These pretty-in-pink eggs stand out in a crowd. A quick soak in fresh beet juice infuses each bite with earthy flavor and bold color.

Want to make the best deviled egg recipe? We'€™ll show you how to mash your middles in a bag. You'€™ll love the easy cleanup!

How to Make Deviled Eggs

Watch to learn our quick trick for making so-easy deviled eggs. Simply use a plastic bag to fill the egg whites!

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Dress up classic deviled-egg filling by spooning in fresh chives and topping with lox-style smoked salmon and sour cream. This savory snack is elegant enough for any dinner party or fancy get-together.

Perfect Pair Deviled Eggs

This deviled-eggs duo shows off two delicious fillings to make the party appetizer. You pick: pickle relish or mustard-loaded.

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Avocado met eggs, and appetizers will never be the same. These extra-creamy deviled eggs aren't too rich thanks to fresh lemon juice and capers.

Blue Cheese, Apple, and Walnut Deviled Eggs

Put a fun spin on classic deviled eggs by mixing mashed egg yolk with crumbled blue cheese, sliced apple, and toasted walnuts. The mix of sweet and savory flavors is what makes this deviled egg recipe stand above the crowd.

How to Boil an Egg

New to deviled eggs? Start here and get our foolproof method for perfectly boiled eggs -- every time.

Herbed Deviled Eggs

Looking for a classic approach to deviled eggs? This simple version is spot-on. We stick to the basics with a filling made from mayonnaise, sour cream, and mustard with a fresh herb topping.

Chickpea Deviled Eggs

Sorry, cronuts. These hummus deviled eggs are our new favorite food mashup. Serve them hummus-style with pita chips.

Bacon and Basil Eggs

Put a BLT-inspired spin on deviled eggs by adding bacon pieces, snipped fresh basil, and sliced cherry tomatoes to your filling. We love adding extra bacon as a topper.

Pink Deviled Eggs

It's time to bring something new to the party. Ruby-red pickled beets give these deviled eggs a tangy, vibrant upgrade. Try folding in chopped beets for even more texture.

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