Party appetizer recipes are a must-have for any get-together. From finger foods and delectable dips to sophisticated ways to serve cheeses from around the world, a great appetizer spread will get your party off to a festive start. Here you'll find all the appetizer recipes you need, starting with our potluck and party food finder. Answer a few questions about flavor preferences and time constraints to get a list of recipes perfectly suited for your occasion. Slow cooker appetizers are a party food staple because they can often be made in advance and kept warm for the duration of your gathering. We've got dozens of recipes that are customized for the slow cooker, from dips and spreads to meatballs and even crunchy nut mixes. In warm summer months, the grill reigns supreme. Check out our grilled appetizer collection for recipes such as ever-popular kabobs, grilled pizzas, and salsas starring grilled ingredients. No matter the season, we've got appetizer recipes you'll love to make and be proud to serve.

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Cinnamon Churro Snack Mix

This homemade snack mix makes a perfect gift and will last long after the holidays have passed.

Andouille and Shrimp Gumbo

Transport to the Cajun South with a steamy bowl of gumbo. French andouille sausage is a spicy smoked sausage popular in Cajun dishes like gumbo, and jambalaya. Look for pork or chicken andouille. Or use any type of sausage you like.

Meal-Prep Ground Meat Base

Choose from ground beef, turkey, or chicken to make this easy ground meat base for all sorts of quick meals throughout your week. For inspiration, try our easy recipes for cheesesteak-style quesadilla or baked Cavatelli. You can also use it in taco bowls, on pizza, and more.

Meal-Prep Shredded Pork Roast

Start your week with a big batch of the base pork roast recipe. You can divvy up the tender meat to make a delicious flatbread or caramelize it and serve with spicy peanut sauce. Or use it in sandwiches, salads, and more.

Pumpkin-Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

For a fall twist on hummus, we've added pumpkin, roasted red peppers, and some warm spices (cumin and chili powder). Serve with your favorite dippers!

More Appetizers

Bananas Foster Crisp

Baking these crisps in shallow au gratin dishes means more of the banana browns and caramelizes. If you don't have au gratin minis, use a deep dish pie plate instead.

Whiskey and Cream Pumpkin Tart with Pecan Butter Shortbread Crust

Jerrelle's pumpkin tart is delicious even without a cookie topper. But if you're going for a fancy finish on the tart, dip the cookies in a whiskey glaze sprinkled with gold luster dust.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Who says cheese balls have to be round? Shape this one into a cute little pumpkin to match its flavor. It just takes some rubber bands.