Mushrooms -- Beyond the Basics

There is more to a mushroom than meets the eye. Here are some little known facts about the mysterious vegetable.
Trumpet mushrooms

Trumpet mushrooms have a mellow, woodsy taste.

Enoki mushrooms

Enoki (eh-NOH-kee) mushrooms come vacuum-packed. Show off their delicate flavor raw in salads.

Savory morels

Savory morels (more-EL) have an intense mushroom flavor and aroma.

Oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms come in many colors and sizes. All have a soft texture and mild taste.


Shiitakes (shee-TAH-kee) are prized for their meaty flavor and texture.

Chanterelle mushrooms

Buttery-flavored chanterelle (shant-uh-REL) mushrooms are best in simple recipes.

Wood ear mushrooms

Wood ear mushrooms are favored for their yielding, yet crunchy, texture.


Portobellos are velvety brown mushrooms boasting a deep mushroom flavor. You'll find them in large, medium, and small sizes.


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