For anyone who's ever ordered a BLT with extra B.

By Hannah Bruneman
Image courtesy of Savory Notes

It doesn't get much easier than a BLT for lunch. The classic three-ingredient sandwich combines thick bacon, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomato stacked high between two pieces of bread. With such a straightforward recipe, you probably never thought twice about how you make it.

Well, think again.

Thanks to food blog Savory Notes, we've found a revolutionary way to eat your BLT sandwich. Presenting: the bacon weave.

This lunchtime hack is for all those people who've ever ordered a BLT with extra B. The point is to weave your bacon strips together so that there's an adequate amount of bacon in every bite. This also allows you to fit six pieces of bacon onto each sandwich! Our mouths are watering already.

Image courtesy of Savory Notes

Before you cook your bacon, lie three strips horizontally on a foil-covered baking sheet. Next, lie three bacon strips vertically on top of that. Finally, use your pie crust skills to weave the bacon, alternating strips to lie on top and below each other.

Bake your sandwich-sized bacon weave for 23-28 minutes at 350 degrees.

It should also be known that this blogger first soaked her bacon in whiskey and sprinkled it with brown sugar before baking her weave, but we'll leave that step up to you.

Image courtesy of Savory Notes

So, now that you know the ultimate BLT hack, will you give it a try? We know we are making these tonight!


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