Grilled Cheese Recipes

Bacon Grilled Cheese
Whether you like it paired with soup or all on its own, a grilled cheese sandwich is delicious any way you choose to indulge. Loaded with veggies, meat, or fruit, our easy sandwich recipes put flavorful spins on the classic grilled cheese.

Mozzarella, Pesto, and Ham Toasties

Rather than griddling these ham and mozzarella creations, stick the pesto-topped bread slices under the broiler. It will already be nice and toasty from roasting the red pepper! To save time, feel free to swap store-bought basil pesto in for the homemade mint-parsley pesto included in the recipe (although the latter is next-level nutty thanks to plenty of toasted almonds).

Make-Ahead Smoked Turkey and Grilled Onion Panini

Build and freeze these Italian-inspired turkey sandwiches so you're never more than minutes away from melty mozzarella cheese bliss. Try the filling combination inside a sandwich thin, bagel halves, two slices of bread, or even a pita.

Bacon-Cheddar Chipotle Chicken Panini

Stacked with bacon, ranch, cheddar, and more, you'd never expect this BLT upgrade to be as diet-friendly as it actually is (about 400 calories and a whopping 32 grams of protein!). Our little secrets? Including plenty of nutritious veggies for satisfaction and making high-impact, barely noticeable swaps like calling for light ranch, reduced-fat cheddar, and light sour cream.

Roasted Red Pepper Gazpacho with Pepperoni Cheese Toast

In this play on pizza parlor favorites, we separate the sauce (here, pepper-tomato soup) and the crust, toppings, and cheese (via the sandwich). Combine in your ideal ratios by dunking or scooping, or enjoy one at a time.

Bresaola-Gorgonzola Panini

Tangy, crumbly blue cheese joins forces with melty provolone on this grilled sandwich that's beefed up with savory slices of bresaola (cured meat). If you can't find bresaola, try speck, prosciutto, or ham instead.

Grilled Cheese and Fruit Sandwich

Grilled cheese shows its sweeter side in this quick, fruity havarti sandwich. Reminiscent of a charcuterie spread, it also includes pear slices, fig jam, and crunchy almonds.

Tomato-Avocado Grilled Cheese

This 25-minute sandwich offers everything you adore about creamy guacamole in a convenient handheld package! Parsley and lemon juice combine with creamy avocado to make a tasty spread that gives an ordinary tomato grilled cheese a boost of refreshing flavor and plenty of heart-healthy fat. 

Farmer's Market Grilled Cheese

Fresh-from-the-market tomatoes, spinach, and zucchini stack up to one scrumptious cheese sandwich. Layer that all between two slices of crisp sourdough bread and herbed goat cheese, and you'll have a super-satisfying taste of summer.

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

You'll jump out of bed when you have this easy, cheesy recipe waiting for you! Start your day with all your a.m. favorites—bacon, scrambled eggs, waffles—by way of this quicker-than-drive-through breakfast sandwich. Add a couple slices of cheese, such as American or cheddar, to help hold it all together.

Garden Turkey Melt

With a simple homemade spread that tastes just like spinach-artichoke dip, you need just a hint of meat to satisfy in this baked grilled cheese variation. We call for turkey, but ham or roast beef would also taste incredible in this summery sandwich.

Caprese Panini

Everything you love about a traditional red, white, and green caprese salad—including the fresh mozzarella and basil—are featured in this pressed sandwich. For a bit more tang, serve with a side of balsamic for dunking.

Muenster, Cabbage, and Apple Sandwiches

Pack coarsely shredded cabbage and sweet apple slices into this grilled cheese sandwich to give the easy lunch even more substance. Enhance the mellow flavor of Muenster, our cheese of choice for this recipe, with stone-ground mustard.

Veggie Grilled Cheese

Veggie-lovers, this one's for you! While this spinach- and tomato-packed grilled cheese might look complicated, it takes just 20 minutes to assemble and cook. Enjoy the meatless meal alongside a steaming bowl of tomato soup.

Creamy Carrot and Millet Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

What's better than creamy carrot soup? Creamy carrot soup topped with crispy little grilled cheese croutons. Try this same itty-bitty sandwich topping on tomato, squash, or French onion soup, too.

Tomato-Edamame Grilled Cheese

Whip up a double batch of the roasted garlic and edamame spread. In addition to being a crave-worthy, creamy companion to the juicy tomato slices on this whole grain grilled cheese sandwich, it makes for a delicious dip for tortilla chips or veggie sticks.

Pepperoni-Olive Grilled Cheese

We took all your favorite pizza toppings and stuck them between two slices of hearty Italian bread to create one killer grilled cheese melt. Just add a side of marinara for dunking!

Tip: Kids will get a kick out of loading up their sandwiches with their top pizza topping picks.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Our Dijon and cheddar twist on the classic grilled cheese offers delectable variations. For vegetarians, adorn it with cucumber, tomato, and onion. For meat-eaters, pile it high with salami, pepperoni, and roast beef.

Taleggio and Pear Panini

Taleggio, a mild and creamy Italian cheese with a slight fruity tang, stars with ripe pear slices and a smidge of honey in this easy grilled cheese panini recipe. If you don't have Taleggio, try Brie cheese instead.

Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

In our humble opinion, bacon makes everything better. Avocado doesn't hurt, either. So we put them together in this simple grilled cheese that's awesome with smoked cheddar or pepper Jack—or both!

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