Adorable Lunch Box Recipes for Kids

School lunch has never been this cute. See how mom Ashley Thompson combined fruits, vegetables, and some creativity for a week of noontime treats that are heavy on themes, light on groans.

Well-Wishes School Lunch

Though a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the main dish, the sides are the standouts in this happy school-day lunch.

  • For the note, Ashley used edible-ink markers (available at crafts stores) on a tortilla trimmed to serve as paper.
  • Cucumber slices have a No. 1 cutout (courtesy of a cookie cutter) and are filled in with a matching carrot.
  • She used cookie cutters to cut her son's name out of cantaloupe and lined it up on a pool of blueberries. 
  • Her cupcake was decorated with candy melts pushed through a piping bag to look like an apple.
  • Squeezable yogurt rounds out the meal.

Wheels on the Bus Lunch Box

Go 'round and 'round with a clever lunch made to match the morning's transportation.

  • The turkey sandwich mimics a school bus with Colby Jack cheese windows and wheels. For the wording, Ashley used an edible-ink marker.
  • Pasta salad made with wheel-shape pasta and round pepperoni and olive slices continues the theme.
  • Kiwi slices keep the circles going.
  • The stop-sign cupcake was decorated with candy melts pushed through a piping bag to look like a traffic warning.

ABCs Lunch Box Idea

Spell out a good time with letter-cut meats, cheeses, and pickles. A+ for effort!

  • Letting her son do the assembly, Ashley tossed in Wheat Thins crackers, as well as beef salami, Colby Jack cheese, and pickles, which were cut with letter cookie cutters.
  • Letter-theme fruit snacks and a squeezable yogurt add sweetness.
  • To write a note on a metal lunch box, simply use a dry-erase marker.

Star-Theme Lunch Box

Encourage your little one to shine bright with a lunchtime cheer-up.

  • Ashley made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut it into star shapes, and then skewered it with grapes.
  • Watermelon and cantaloupe trim nicely into stars and look great atop blueberries.
  • To make the "Shine Bright" message, melt candy melts and pipe onto waxed paper. Let dry before transfering to the lunch box.
  • Cucumber slices, mini Starburst candies, and fluffy cloudlike marshmallows round out the lunch.

"Despicable Me" Lunch Box Idea

Sure to make your kid giggle, a "Despicable Me" lunch includes Gru and a merry collection of minions.

  • The lunch stars a turkey sandwich shaped like Gru. Circle cookie cutters do most of the work. For his eyes and brows, white cheese and black olives are just the ticket.
  • The minions are marshmallows dipped in melted candy wafers (yellow and blue, of course). Candy eyes and a bit of black frosting add goggles and smiles
  • Check your grocery store for Minion-theme snacks, like these cheddar crackers and fruit snacks.
  • For the banana, simply use a pen and slightly pierce the peel to write a message that will show by lunchtime.

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