Move over, sandwich. We've got something new to show ya.

By Katie Boyce
September 07, 2016

It's easy to get stuck in a sandwich rut. Give your kids a lunch to look forward to with these fantastic sandwich-free ideas from What Lisa Cooks. Some recipes are quick to prep the day-of, others feature prep-and-freeze options. All the recipes can be easily customized to please picky and adventurous eaters alike! Put away the PB&J and check out these unique lunch ideas. They're so good, you may want to make extra for yourself!

Crowd-Pleasing Tortilla Roll-Ups

These tortilla roll-ups are just as simple as a sandwich, but way more fun. The wraps on the left are made with cream cheese, turkey, and baby greens. You can substitute any ingredient with your kids' favorite sandwich fillings. Have a kid who won't eat meat? The wraps on the right feature refried beans as a featured protein source instead. Round out their lunchbox with some fresh fruits and veggies, a string cheese for an extra dose of protein, and you have a finger-food-packed meal that's sure to be a hit!

English Muffin Mini Pizzas the Kids Will LOVE

A guaranteed hit! These mini pizzas can be prepped in larger quantities ahead of time and frozen, making lunch prep super-speedy. Simply spread some tomato sauce on English muffins, top with cheese and your kids' favorite toppings, and bake. When cooled, transfer to the freezer and save for a busy morning. If you have prepped fruits and veggies ready to go in the fridge, you can have an entire lunch completely packed in a just minute or two! We LOVE that.

Corn Dog Muffins That Will Have Everyone's Tails Wagging

What kid (or adult) doesn't love corn dogs? This is another recipe you can make in advance and keep in the freezer for super-quick lunch prep. We recommend homemade cornbread and organic hot dogs in order to give this state-fair staple a healthier twist. Toss in a small container of ketchup for dipping along with a few fresh sides...and you're good to go!

Mouth-Watering Quesadillas for the Win

image courtesy of What Lisa Cooks

These quesadillas can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. Got a picky eater on your hands? Stick with just cheese. Someone a bit more adventurous? Add in deli meat, leftover chicken, fajita veggies, avocado...whatever you have in the fridge. You can make these in a skillet or a panini press, then cut into wedges, and you're all set. A side of sour cream or salsa for dipping could be fun, too. Add in a few fresh sides and you have a well-balanced meal your kids will love.

French Toast Sticks for Snacking

Next time your family has a big weekend breakfast, double that batch of French toast! It freezes well and makes for a wonderful lunch option for later in the week. Slice the leftovers into strips and freeze them in plastic bags. You can whip up a great dipping sauce by mixing together maple syrup and yogurt on the side. Serve with some fresh fruit and some string cheese for a snack or lunch they're sure to love.


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