Here's everything you need to make your best lunches. Use our make-ahead lunch ideas if you're in a hurry and creative ways to change up your lunch box routine to banish sad desk lunches forever. If you've got a health goal you're working toward, try our healthy lunch options with ideas that go beyond sandwiches and salads (though we've got those, too).

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Heart-Shape Chocolate Cream Puffs
To make plain cream puffs, reduce flour to 1 cup and omit the cocoa and sugar. Don't stress over the heart shape, it only requires a cookie scoop or spoon to create.
Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake Bars
We took the flavor of your favorite breakfast bun and turned it into a decadent cheesecake bar.
No-Bake Cake Batter Puppy Chow Bars
Make your cookie tray special while saving time by making these easy no-bake bars. The sprinkles and vanilla-flavor candy coating give these sweet treats a tasty cake batter flair.
Horiatiki (Greek Village Salad)
Easily turn this fresh salad into a main dish by adding your favorite protein.
Slow Cooker Pumpkin Farrotto
Farro is an ancient grain with a toothsome texture and nutty flavor. Similar to Arborio rice used in traditional risotto, farro absorbs cooking liquids and swells up without breaking or becoming mushy.
With this scotcheroos recipe in your arsenal, you'll always have a party-perfect dessert. Scotcheroo bars are best-love treat and likely to be the first dessert devoured from the party table.

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Chicken and Apple Open-Face Sandwiches
If you prefer, double the amount of baby spinach and sauté it with olive oil before layering in sandwiches.
Apple and Almond Butter Panini
No panini maker? No problem! Use your trusty waffle iron to make this toasty breakfast sandwich.
Crispy Dill Pickle Chicken Sandwiches
Rating: 4 stars

Pickle lovers won't be able to get enough of this fried chicken sandwich. The chicken gets marinated in a pickle juice mixture to soak up that flavor (and moisture) and when topped with more pickles, it can't be beat.