Here's everything you need to make your best lunches. Use our make-ahead lunch ideas if you're in a hurry and creative ways to change up your lunch box routine to banish sad desk lunches forever. If you've got a health goal you're working toward, try our healthy lunch options with ideas that go beyond sandwiches and salads (though we've got those, too).

Philly Cheesesteak Soup

If you're a fan of the sandwich, you'll love the flavors combined in this one-pot soup recipe.
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Pack-and-Go Hoagies

Get a head start on this recipe the next time you're grilling by throwing on extra pork tenderloin or steak for the fillings.
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Chicken Sausage, Veggie, and Ravioli Soup

This broth-based soup develops a rich, herby flavor thanks to chicken sausage and fresh thyme leaves.
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Cheese Steak Soup

The thick cheese-topped Italian bread makes a great dipper in this beefy soup featuring classic Philly cheese steak flavors.
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Egg Roll Soup

Turn your favorite takeout appetizer into a complete meal with this egg roll soup recipe. Shredded veggies, ground pork, and a flavorful broth all contribute to making this easy 30-minute soup.
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Noodle Bowl with Tofu and Poached Eggs

Warm and cozy, this vegetarian noodle bowl is made with marinated tofu, earthy shiitake mushrooms, and topped with a poached egg.
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More Lunch

Tomatillo Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Since the tomatillo chicken for these pulled chicken sandwiches starts with rotisserie meat, prep work is simple. Then, this chicken recipe continues on the "easy" motif with a three-step slow cooker method.
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Lemon Butter Chicken Breasts

Lemon butter chicken isn't just a menu item at your favorite restaurant. It's also a quick-cooking skillet dinner perfect for weeknights! Boneless chicken breasts are flavored with lemon-pepper seasoning and cooked in a buttery lemon sauce you'll want to serve with just about everything. Serve with rice, pilaf or pasta to round our the chicken dinner.
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Vegetable-Pork Oven Stew

Perfect for a chilly evening, this stew features aromatic herbs, tender pork, and fresh veggies.