Using a Boiling-Water Canner

Use this type of canner for fruits, tomatoes (with added lemon juice), pickles, jams, and jellies.
Boiling-water canning works great on fresh tomatoes.

1. Set the canner on range top; fill half full of water. Cover; heat over high heat. Heat additional water.

2. Prepare syrup, if needed; keep warm but not boiling.

3. Prepare food.

4. When water in canner is hot, position rack in canner. Fill each jar and place it in rack, replacing canner cover each time. After adding the last jar, add boiling water to reach 1 inch over jar tops. Cover and heat.

5. Begin timing when water is boiling. Keep water boiling gently, adding more boiling water if level drops. If water stops boiling when more is added, stop timing, turn up heat, and wait for a full boil before resuming timing.

6. At end of processing time, turn off heat and remove jars to cool.

7. Check seals when jars are completely cool.


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